Shanghai Kingpluse Industry Co., Ltd
Main products: hex head bolt hex nut flat washers self drilling screw hex head bolt
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Shanghai Kingpluse Industry Co., Ltd
Kingpluse Industry is a fasteners and hardware manufacturer, as well as an exporter with a wide range of industrial products located in Shanghai. Kingpluse is a customer friendly, service oriented enterprise that offers competitive prices with the best quality. We represent several most respected fastener manufacturers located in China and have always been striving to be a “one-stop” fasteners solution provider and supplier for foreign customers. Thanks to our dedication to customer service, we have got a good reputation in world market and are becoming a respected fastener manufacturer and supplier. Kingpluse have been doing customizing work for our customers in the industries of Auto, Mounting System and Electrical Transmission. Our knowledge and experience in fastener and hardware field will help you get the most reasonable and applicable fastener solution. Kingpluse aims to be the mostly preferred supplier during the forthcoming years and to take the lead in the fastener industry via its approach of high quality service and products.
Main Products
Our products range:bolts, nuts, wood screws, machine screws, self-tapping screws, spring washers, flat washers, anchors etc. according to DIN, ANSI, BS and JIS standard. Made from carbon steel at Grado 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 with ACABADO of plain, black, zinc(bright/yellow), brass, nickel, chrome, etc. hex bolt, self-drilling screw
Product Advantages
Bolts & Screws: Hex Bolts Hex Machine Bolts Hex Tap Bolts Hex Cap Screws Heavy Hex Structural Bolts Square Head Bolts Guardrail Bolt Nuts: Hex Nuts Heavy Hex Nuts Hex Jam Nuts Washers: Flat washers Lock washers hex bolt, self-drilling screw