Main products: Cold-forging tungsten steel mould Tungsten steel plating rod
Top Supplier
19 years
Date of Establishment: 2004 Number of Employees: 11-50 Registrated capital (RMB): 1 million yuan Annual sale (RMB): 5-7 million yuan Purchasing tungsten steel as the material from Taiwan, Shanghai Jingtuo Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd manufacture various kinds of nuts, bolts, spark plugs, anchors, blind rivets, sleeve anchors, motor standard mould and 08B-41B Multi-Position cold-forging mould fittings. We have professional engineers who design cold-forging technics for kinds of non-standard products. Inherited kinds of traditional technics of manufacturing stretching mould, hot-forging mould, on-axis mould and so on, we have passed the authentication of ISO9001 and obtained one national practical technic patent. Persisting in “Purchasing the best, Exploiting the progress, Serving the customers, and improving the quality”, we will try our best to provide full service for our customers.
Main Products
Tungsten steel mould, high-speed steel-rod, cold-forging fittings: nut mould (mould nut), bolts mould (mould screws) (straight rod mold etc.); Tungsten steel mould (Alloy mould); rods, comprehensive mould such as: Material transferring wheel; bolt mould; ratchet; tungsten steel drilling rods; knife outside block;, knives, tungsten steel knives, cold forging fittings; rod sets, stripping disk; inside and outside knives; sleeve mould; operation folder (transit folder, Clip, tongs) drilling mold, screw; stainless steel roller sleeve, flange, spark plugs, and cold-forging mould for nuts, nut stamping, drawing die; the rod; tapping fittings; cold-forging mold (Parts mold, cold extrusion mould) Great Wall molybdenum wire
Product Advantages
Cold-forging tungsten steel mould, comprehensive mould for cold-forging machine, tungsten steel plating rod, outside knife and so on.