Fastener Fair Global 2023
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Exhibition Name: Fastener Fair Global 2023
Time: 03/21/2023-03/23/2023
Location: Germany
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Show Name: Fastener Fair Global 2023
Show Date: 21-21 March 2023
Venue: Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Organizer: Mack-Brooks Exhibitions


About Fastener Fair Global

Fastener Fair Global is the international flagship event of the Fastener Fair series dedicated to fastener and fixing technology. The 9th International Exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Industry will take place at Messe Stuttgart in Germany in 2023.


Exhibition Profile

Fastener Fair Global provides a unique showcase and networking platform in one of world's leading industrial economies. Ranging from household appliances to high-tech applications in automotive, aerospace and construction, fastener and fixing systems are essential components in various manufacturing sectors.

Fastener and fixing technology is not limited to the commonly known screws, nuts, bolts and pins. From raw materials to moulding and forging processes, as well as coating and heating treatments, custom-designed fixings, inspection processes, distribution and logistics, at Fastener Fair Global, we have the entire supply chain covered for you!


Who exhibits at Fastener Fair Global?

Exhibitors at Fastener Fair Global present products and services from the following industry sectors: 

  • Industrial Fasteners and Fixings 
  • Construction Fixings 
  • Assembly and Installation Systems 
  • Fastener Manufacturing Technology 
  • Storage, Distribution, Factory Equipment 
  • Information, Communication and Services


Who visits Fastener Fair Global?

Fastener Fair Global targets distributors, suppliers, engineers and other industry professionals that source and trade fasteners and fixings from the following industry sectors:  

  • Construction 
  • Automotive 
  • Aerospace 
  • Marine 
  • Electronic and Electrical Goods 
  • General Engineering - light/heavy 
  • HVAC / Air Conditioning / Services 
  • Energy and Power Generation 
  • Communication Technology 
  • Metal Products 
  • Furniture Manufacturing 
  • Sanitary Ware and Plumbing 
  • Installation 
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