The 21st Fastener Trade Show Suzhou to Continue Strong Momentum in 2021
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Exhibition Name: The 21st Fastener Trade Show Suzhou to Continue Strong Momentum in 2021
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As a grand festival for global fastener suppliers and buyers, the 21st Fastener Trade Show Suzhou will open its doors from 27-29 October 2021 at Suzhou International Expo Center (SIEC), Jiangsu Province, China.

This year's show will occupy halls D1 and E1, with a total exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, featuring more than 400 participating companies (expected). Some 12,000 buyers and visitors from China and the rest of the world are expected to come to the exhibition for annual procurement and negotiation.

The exhibit profile in 2021 will cover 6 product ranges of the entire fastener supply chain, including: fasteners, tools, equipment, molds, surface treatment and raw materials.

“Fastener Application Conference”, including a series of insightful topics by leaders and experts from fastener application fields, will shed light on advanced technology applications, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to acquire knowledge and share information.

The previous edition had created an unprecedented record of 551 booths, with a total of 11,028 visitors from around 30 countries and regions, covering Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Italy, UK, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Greece, Canada, USA, Sweden, Indonesia, Czech, Albania, South Africa, India, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Latvia, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, etc.

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