Nylon lock nuts

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Shanghai Welfast Enterprise Co., Ltd.-SWE
We provide high-quality fasteners according to the standards of DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASME, IFI, ASTM, BS, AS/NZS, JIS, KS as well as special fasteners at cu...
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Hangzhou Jinmin Import & Export Co., Ltd. Haining Shuangmin Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Hex nuts,slotted nuts,nylon insert lock nuts,flange nut,thread rod,washer,etc. Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts Nylon, Insert Lock Nuts,Hex Flange Nuts,Squ...
Country :China Tel: +86-573-87902367
Dongguan kaiyang Hardware & Machine Co., Ltd.
Furniture hardware fittings, Light hardware fittings, Bicycle part and accessories, K-lock nut, Nylon lock nut, conical nut, micro hex nut and customi...
Country :China Tel: +86-13416787909
Haiyan Junyi Fastener Co., Ltd.
DIN934 M3-M60, ANSI 1/4-2, BS 5/32-2-1/2. DIN6823 Flange Nut, DIN985 Hex Nylon Lock Nut...
Country : Tel: +86-573-86644535
specialized in producing Washers (Din125/Din9021/Din126/Din1440/Din1441/Din433/Din440/Din436/Din434/Din435/Din127),Wood Screws(Din95/96/97, IFI F-56,...
Country :China shanhai Tel: 86-21-51502705
Haiyan Jinling Standard Parts Co.,Ltd
main products are hex nuts, nylon nuts,machine nuts, and flange nuts, including DIN 934/ DIN 936/DIN 985/DIN 6915/ DIN 6923/BS 1083 /ISO 4032/DIN 691...
Country :China Tel: 86-573-86974830
Handan Xinpai Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Fasteners, special parts, various machine parts, bicycle components, drop in anchors, nylon lock nuts, inner rings of bearings, non-standard cold forg...
Country :China Tel: None
Drywall,chipborad screws,machine screws,wood screws,Tapping screws. punched hardware ...
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Shenzhen Omon Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Self-clinching fasteners, precision turning parts, panel fasteners, self-locking fasteners, screws and nuts, SEMS screws, rivets, shaft, Captive screw...
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Handan Meijianli Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Which include: nylon, plastic anchor; metal anchor bolts; Resin anchor; external wall insulation system anchor; other areas of professional anchor bol...
Country :CHINA Tel: 0310-6878885
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