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Wenzhou Jinsheng Fastener Co., Ltd.
nylon insert lock nuts-DIN985,DIN982,ANSI,BS,GB889,cap nuts one piece type-DIN1587, flange nuts-DIN6923,IFI D-21,JIS B1190,hex nuts-DIN934,weld nuts-J...
Country :China Tel: +86-577-86352209
Our products include Hex Head Cap Screws & Bolts, Round Head Square Neck Bolts, Nuts, Hexagon Socket Cap Screws, Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, Rivet...
Country :China Tel:
Wenzhou Sanlin Metals Products Co.,LTD.
brass hex nuts brass cap nuts brass bolts brass screws brass washers brass precise hardware stainless steel nuts...
Country :China Tel: 86-577-86563888,86563...
delicates to producing and developing various hardware nuts and screws...
Country :CHINA Tel: 0769-81114008,8111400...
Dongguan Yuyuan Precision Co., Ltd.
Various imported screws of grade 12.9 Wholesale hex wrenches, set screws, stainless steel screws, nylon nuts, rivet nuts, various nuts Customize non...
Country :China Tel: None
NingBo Hardon International Trade Co.,Ltd. (NingBo Dingye Fastener MFG Co.,Ltd)
Carbon steel & Stainless steel Nuts Shape: Hexagon Nuts, Nylon insert lock Nuts, all metal insert locking Nuts, Domed Cap Nuts, Acorn Cap Nuts, ...
Country :China Tel: 0086-574-63882821
Country :China Tel: None
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