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Shanghai Welfast Enterprise Co., Ltd.-SWE
We provide high-quality fasteners according to the standards of DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASME, IFI, ASTM, BS, AS/NZS, JIS, KS as well as special fasteners at cu...
Country :China Tel: None
Ningbo BQhardware Co.,Ltd.
all kinds of hex socket head bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts, double end studs, anchor bolts, U bolt, T bolt, track bolts, flange bolts, guardrail b...
Country :Ningbo Tel: 0086-13957472267
stainless steel screws, screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screw, flange bolts,flange nuts, weld screws, wood screw, chipboard scre...
Country :China Tel:
Hangzhou Jinmin Import & Export Co., Ltd. Haining Shuangmin Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Hex nuts,slotted nuts,nylon insert lock nuts,flange nut,thread rod,washer,etc. Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts Nylon, Insert Lock Nuts,Hex Flange Nuts,Squ...
Country :China Tel: +86-573-87902367
high strength fasteners, Motorcycle CG.GN.WY,.CM.CBT.BAJAJ AX100series of screw, nut and hardware parts, car traffic construction, hardware machinery ...
Country : Tel: 198-8431-6889
Ruian Jiulong Fasteners Factory
KM locknuts, conical seats, spherical washers, parallel keys,KMT KMTA KZM DN precision locknuts, Positioning Rings Screw Assembly, precision adjuster...
Country :China Tel:
Haiyan Junyi Fastener Co., Ltd.
DIN934 M3-M60, ANSI 1/4-2, BS 5/32-2-1/2. DIN6823 Flange Nut, DIN985 Hex Nylon Lock Nut...
Country : Tel: +86-573-86644535
Dongguan kaiyang Hardware & Machine Co., Ltd.
Furniture hardware fittings, Light hardware fittings, Bicycle part and accessories, K-lock nut, Nylon lock nut, conical nut, micro hex nut and customi...
Country :China Tel: +86-13416787909
Shanghai Zhujin Standard Parts Mfg. Co.,Ltd.
The company's main products covers more than 600 kinds of product specification, such as bolt and nut series, high strength bolt, flange bolt ,tra...
Country :China Tel: 86-021-37740008,86-02...
Jiangsu Hengao Deformed Steel Co.,Ltd.
All kinds of various specifications of cold-drawn round steel, cold heading steel, square steel, six Angle steel, wire rod, cross spline, various sp...
Country : Tel: 86-18651166956
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