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Ningbo BQhardware Co.,Ltd.
all kinds of hex socket head bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts, double end studs, anchor bolts, U bolt, T bolt, track bolts, flange bolts, guardrail b...
Country :Ningbo Tel: 0086-13957472267
Zhejiang Jinbi Fasteners Manufacturing Co.,LTD.
We mainly manufacture kinds of hex bolts, hex nuts, and high-strength bolts (M12-M200, 1/2-4), eyelet bolts, threaded rods and special fasteners with ...
Country : Tel: +86-15067512865
Shaoxing KDM Machinery Co., Ltd
We specialize in: -Cold forged nonstandard and special fasteners, precision components -Hot forged special fasteners -Turned parts, stamped parts, ...
Country :P.R. China Tel: +86-575-88068351
Wenzhou City Shennan Fastener Co. Ltd.
Our fasteners products are hex bolts, threaded rods, wood screws, High strength bolts , Hexagon Flange Bolt, Carriage Bolts, Machine Screws , hex nuts...
Country :The P.R.China Tel: 86-0577-85220553
Hanfast Int'l Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Our entire range of fasteners is made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, silicon bronze and other special materials. ...
Country :China Tel: 86-21-63511218
Hangzhou Jiaxiang High Strength Bolts Co., Ltd
High tensile bolts,Bolt and nut,Shear Connector,Fastene,Hexagon Bolt,stud bolt,Anchor Bolts,welding stud,Rail Spike,project bolt,Hex Bolts,Fish bolt,w...
Country : Tel: 86-13588160109
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