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Our quality products, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing give our customers competitive advantages and lay the foundation stone for opening the market. We are dedicated ourselves to the innovation of products and services, and have gained praise from customers. Especially in the markets of Europe, America and Asia, we develop new products and services to satisfy our customers' requirements. We have the ISO 9001 Certificate (TUV) and implement 5S management systems, so as to realize "quality stability, technological innovation, improvement of customers' satisfaction and prompt feedback to customers".





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Our products: Sleeve anchors, wedge anchors, drop in anchors, chemical anchors, hex coupling nuts, round coupling nuts, brass anchors, stud anchors, hollow wall anchors, hollow wall anchor toolings, shield anchors, heavy duty anchors, spring toggles, gravity toggles, strut nuts, spring nuts, concrete screws, metal hit anchors, split drive anchors, bolt anchors, heavy duty steel sleeve anchors, metal frame anchors, saw anchors, christmas tree anchors, express nail anchors, key anchors, ceiling anchors, safety nail anchors, nylon window anchors, nylon hammer drive anchors, nylon frame anchors, hammer drive plastic anchors, nylon wall plugs, nylon nail anchors, plastic toggle anchors, nylon anchors, plastic anchors, nylon drive anchors, hollow wall plugs, nylon universal plugs, nylon hammer anchors body only, nylon plugs, steel plugs, nylon cable tie holders, nylon washers, plastic washers, plastic trees, cut anchors, hammer drive anchors, zinc alloy hit anchors, lag screw shield anchors, easy drive anchors zinc alloy, lead wood screw anchors, double expansion anchors, single expansion anchors, machine screw anchors, eye screws, U-bolts, pig tails.






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Yuxin Fastener Systems Co., Ltd.

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