IFI Announces New Standard for Steel Construction Industry
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Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) has announced the publication of a new IFI standard, IFI-171, thread dimensions for sizes 1-5/8 – 5-1/2 and 1-7/8 UNS for Assembly of Bolts, Studs and Nuts in the Steel Construction Industry.


The new standard specifies thread dimensions and tolerances for two sizes of coarse threads, 1-5/8 – 5-1/2 and 1-7/8—5, that are commonly used in the steel construction industry. The standard resolves slight differences that commonly resulted from varied interpretations of ASME B1.1 (2019), which does not explicitly list sizes.


IFI standards are developed by industry experts that volunteer at the request of IFI members and industry stakeholders. Many of these experts are also engaged in the production of the IFI Book of Fastener Standards, a compilation of nearly 100 standards from ASTM, ASME, SAE and the IFI.


“I am very appreciative for the contribution of the task group members, beginning with Mike Friel from Haydon Bolts who identified the gap and pushed for a standard to be published,” said Salim Brahimi, Director of Engineering and Technology for IFI. “I am also grateful for the expertise and guidance of Al Barrows, chair of ASME Committee B1 on Threads. His support was essential to validate the accuracy of the dimensions and to ensure we did the work correctly and in concert with ASME B1.1. This standard will be added the Online Book of Fastener Standards and to future publications of the hardcover Book of Fastener Standards.”


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Source: IFI

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