Steel Self-Clinching Nuts
Thread Rolling Dies
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railway fasteners: screw spikes, track bolts non-standard fasteners: U bolt,square bolts, wheel bolts, special bolts and screws, drive screws standard fasteners: ANSI/ASME B18.5 1990,DIN6914, ANSI/ASME B18.2.1 1996, DIN571,square bolts, hex bolts, wood screws, eye bolts,hex head screws, hex lag screws, round head square neck bolts, hex nuts stamping parts: pipes & hooks, hose clamp, welded stampings, clamps kit punching piece, cooling extrusion of cooling and heating, mechanical processing, non-standard piece, which are consistent with GB, DIN, ANSI and JIS, products of various specifications and max length of 1500mm.
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Ningbo TongNa Machinery Technology limited company
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Main products: High strength standard and non-standard parts for automobiles and motor-cycles, and others. Especially, wheel bolt,wheel nuts,flange bolts,flange nuts,hex head bolt,screws,self-tapping screws,hex nuts,anchor bolts,special fastener,etc. Main grade 8.8 and up.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-88915038/0574-88915015/13805838796 1506...
Haiyan Fengyue Fasteners Co., Ltd.
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Auto mobile Parts: Wheel bolts, Wheel nuts in different grade Thread Stud, Anchor bolt, U bolt etc High tensile bolts: ASTM A325, A490, AS1252, EN14399, DIN6914 etc Tower bolts: ASTM A394-0 DIN7990, JIS 1180 etc High tensile nut and washer: EN14399 ,DIN6915, A563 DH. A563M 10S,DIN934,AS1252, F436 ,DIN6916 etc Kinds of Non-standard bolts Machine screws, drywall screws , chipboard screws etc
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 0573-86059207
Wuhu Qiangzhen Automobile Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
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Snap Ring, circlips for shafts, E clips,circlips,hex head bolt,anchor bolts,motorcycle bolts, huck bolts,wheel bolt,carriage bolt,socket head bolt, hook bolt,hanger bolt,plow bolt,guardrail bolts, countersunk bolts,structural bolt, lag bolt, lock bolt,pan head bolt, stud bolt,square head bolts,track bolts,expansion bolts Standard bolt, screw ; Standard nut ; The high strength fastener Able to bear the falling type fastener; Making up type fastener; Welding type fastener; Axles fastener; Axle sleeve ; Heterotype fastener; Hoop ; Reed nut punching ;
Country/Region: China/Anhui Tel : 0553-8768222, 8768619, 8768609 , 13515536666...
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standard or non-standard fasteners. wheel bolts/tractor bolts;high strength bolts/stainless stell screws/nuts;two three-piece wheel/bolts/finishing products
Country/Region: /ZheJiang Tel : 13858209576
Quanzhou Mingyang Auto Parts
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Our main products: Hub bolt, Wheel bolt, bolt, nut, wheel hub bolt, auto bolt, D-bolt, U bolt, center bolt, bolt and nut, rear bolt, hex bolt, spring, bolt nut, wisher, T bolt, fasteners bolt and nut etc.
Country/Region: /Fujian Tel : 0595-26530989
ZheJiang Cowin Fastech CO.,Ltd
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Standard Fastener:hex bolts,Wheel bolts,Flange bolts; Flange bolts:Hexagon head bolt,Hexagon socket head bolt,Hexagon flange bolt with bearing surface and tooth ,Hexagon flange bolt ,Stud bolt ,Outer plum bolt ,Inter plum bolt , Wheel bolt,Adhesive bolt
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 0573-84826001
Muking Heavy Truck Accessories(Nantong)Co.,Ltd.
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inner wheel nut,inner cap nut,inner nut,flange wheel nut,flange cap nut,two piece wheel nut,outer wheel nut,outer cap nut,wheel nut,wheel bolt,wheel studs,hub bolt Flange wheel nut, DIN74361 two pcs wheel nut,DIN74361 inner wheel nut,DIN74361 outer wheel nut,DIN74361 wheel bolt, hub bolt、 Nylon nut, DIN 985, DIN982 Hex Nut , DIN934 2H Hex nut Center bolt Flange nut, DIN 6923 DIN 1587, DIN 5587
Country/Region: CHINA/Jiangsu Tel : 0513-87595688
Nantong Suojie Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Country/Region: china/JiangSu Tel : 0513-87951199,13815946866
Yuhuan Zhengshi Machinery responsibility Co.,Ltd
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Yuhuan Zhengshi Machinery responsibility Co.,Ltd. Yuhuan ZhengShi Machinery Co.,Ltd, lies in Yuhuan country, Zhejiang province, which is called “the hometown of automobile and motorcycle”, established in 1983, It’s predecessor is Yuhuan Hongqi electric Appliances & Motor Fitting No,2 Factory. At present, Company mainly produce series of ball joint, control arm, Disc brake caliper parts(Include caliper Pistons and Series of adjust screws), Drum Brake Parts (All kinds of Prepare Kits and Series of adjust Screws). Automobile Wheel Bolts and Nuts, Oil Connector, High Strength Bolts (Standard and Non-Standard). It has long been playing supporting role in cooperating with automobile manufacturing group companies all over the country, and its products already sell well in our domestic, as well as have a ready market in U.S.A, Korea, Italy, France, East-South area and Middle-East Countries..
Country/Region: china/Zhejiang Tel : 86-576-87513068
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