Ruian City XinTai Fastener Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
We specialize in producing all kinds of fasteners, mainly including Washers, Retaining Rings and others fasteners. circlips for shafts,circlips for hole, wave washers,teeth washer,spring washers.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-65350012,65390163
Wenzhou City Ouhai Xianyan Gexin Standard Accessory Factory
Main Products:
cross recess head screws, hex cross recess head screws, square head bolts, cross recess head screws with BS standard, stud bolts with BS standard, square head bolts used in electromotors of air-conditioners, three-wave washers used in electromotors, E-rings, axle clamps used in electromotors, circlip for shaft, circlip for hole, rivets, all kinds of standard and non-standard fasteners, over 200 specifications and kinds, used in plane, ship & boat, automobile, machinery, construction & decoration, container, household electric appliance, bag & case, electric appliance.
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-85300777, 13806852107
Ruian Zhirui Standard Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Main products: 1. Washers: lock washers internal teeth, lock washers external teeth, knurling washers, disc springs, grounding gaskets, curved washers, wave washers, tab washers, etc. 2. Circlips: circlips for hole, circlips for shaft, E rings, etc.
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 13506579669
Shanghai YunDing Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Bolts: hex bolts, hex flange bolts, socket cap screws, eye bolts, expansion bolts, socket countersunk screws, socket pan screws, carriage bolts, stud bolts, wing screws, eyelet bolts, anchor bolts, U bolts, square bolts, etc. Nuts: rivet nuts, eye nuts, hex nuts, hex thick nuts, hex thin nuts, nylon lock nuts, metal lock nuts, hex flange nuts, wing nuts, cap nuts, round nuts, square nuts, square weld nuts, hex weld nuts, hex slotted nuts, pipe nuts, etc. Washers: flat washers, wave washers, saddle washers, spring washers, split washer, circlip for shaft, circlip for hole, internal-external tooth lock washers, square washers, etc. Screws: pan head tapping screws, countersunk head tapping screws, mushroom head tapping screws, pan head machine screws, countersunk head machine screws, drilling screws, hex wood screws, tri-lobular tapping screws, all kinds of SEM screws Other: weld screws, pulling rivets, rods, chemical anchor bolts, Heli-Coil inserts, hose clamp, split pins, lock screws, spring-type straight pins, straight pins, taper pins, flat round head rivets, flat rivets, countersunk head rivets, round head rivets, hex socket set screws with flat point, hex socket set screws with cone point, hex socket set screws with cup point, turnbuckles, non-standard fasteners Other material series: nylok screws, titanium screws, copper screws, electronic screws, green screws, nylon screws, etc.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-59543592
Main Products:
Supply all kinds of standard and non-standard washer,like Flat washer,Spring washer, Square washer, ,hardened steelwasher and Cup washer, Wave washer etc. The materials are like Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminium, Electrical insulating fibre, EPDM etc. 2.Supply flat washer: DIN125,DIN126,DIN433,DIN440,DIN1052,DIN1440,DIN1441,DIN6340,DIN6916,DIN7349,DIN7989,DIN9021,BS3410,BS4320,NFE25513,NFE25514,F436, ANSI/ASME B18,USS,SAE,FENDER,Sesco washer etc. 3.Supply spring washer: DIN127,DIN128,DIN137A,DIN137B,DIN6796,DIN7980,DIN9250,NFE25511,NFE25515,ASME18-21-1,BS1802,JISB1251 etc. 4.Supply square and taper washer: DIN434,DIN435,DIN436,DIN798,DIN6917,DIN6918 etc 5.Model NU:DIN,USS,SAE,BS,AS,NFE and non standard
Country/Region: CHINA/Tianjin Tel : 022-23788780,13821375654
Rui’an Fengtai Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
circlips for shaft/hole; open grip rings; steel wire circlips; round wire snap rings; spring washers with internal teeth, external teeth, curve, wave; external tap round nuts, external tongue round nuts with long tap, external tongue round nuts with long tap and wing, etc; motorcycle accessories, auto transmission shaft rings, non-standard fasteners.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-65273378 ,65295301 ,65295302 ,137587911...
Ruian Yunda vehicle part Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Wheel bolts, nuts, lock nuts, weld nut, spring nut, washer, copper fasteners, stainless steel fasteners and other automotive fasteners.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-65390099,13336902899
Wenzhou Shuangyin Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Shuangyin Hardware main products: hex flange bolt, hex flange nut, hex bolt, clamp, lock washer, plate nut, clip, bearing clip, wave washer, snap spring, tapping clip, flat washer, spring washer etc.
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 0577-85226337 ,85237337
Jiangxi Tmhold Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Hose clamp, hoop, wire hoop, wire spring hoop, taper washer, worm drive clamp, single pipe clip, double pipes clip Spring fasteners including internal and external teeth washer, wave washer, saddle washer, spring nut, lock nut, spring clamp, circlips for holes, circlips for shaft, E ring, bearing clip, stop ring, universal joint, spring stamping
Country/Region: China/Jiangxi Tel : 0793-8461111 8828888 13906874738 1897031...
Tianjin Yushu T.I.T Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
1. Our company supply all kinds of standard and non-standard washer, like Flat washer, Spring washer, square washer, high-strength steel washer and Cup washer, wave washer etc. The materials are including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium , electrical insulating fibre , EPDM etc. 2. Supply flat washer: DIN125, DIN126, DIN433, DIN440, DIN1052, DIN1440, DIN1441, DIN6340, DIN6916, DIN7349, DIN7989, DIN9021, BS3410, BS4320, NFE25513, NFE25514, F436, ANSI/ASME B18, USS, SAE, FENDER, Sesco washer etc. 3. Supply spring washer: DIN127, DIN128, DIN137A, DIN137B, DIN6796, DIN7980, DIN9250, NFE25511, NFE25515, ASME18-21-1, BS1802, JISB1251 etc. 4. Supply square and taper washer: DIN434, DIN435, DIN436, DIN798, DIN6917, DIN6918 etc
Country/Region: China/Tianjin Tel : 086-022-23788780
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