Main Products:
Sunrise main Products are Cold forged Wing Nuts( DIN 315 American Form) & Wing Screws, Stamped Wing Nuts, Tee Nuts, Barrel Nuts and Thumb Screws. Our most competitive products Wing nuts and T-nuts followed mass production. The outputs of wing nuts are 10000, 000 pcs Per month, t-nuts are 30000,000 pcs per month. We have our ten years exporter experience in the field of fasteners especially in USA and Europe. Our products strictly produced according to DIN, ANSI, JIS and BSW standard.
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Hebei Xinyu Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Furniture T-Nuts Stamped Fasteners Riveting T-Nuts Washers Stamped Wing Nuts Pallet Nuts Weld Nuts toggle wing T-nuts,Wing Nuts,Stampings,Washers,Stainless steel nuts
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Main Products:
Wood Screw (Din95, 96, 97), Hex Nuts (Din934-8, ISO4032, 5587,etc), Hex Bolts(Din933, 931-8.8, ISO4017, 4014-8.8, Din558, 601-4.8, etc) & Carriage Bolts (Din603-4.6, 8.8), Machine Screws(Din84, 85, 963, 965, 966, Din7985, etc), washers (Din 125, Din 9021 steel & stainless steel A2, A4), thread rods (Din 975-4.6, 8.8, B7)hex socket screws (Din912-8.8, Din7991-8.8), self-tappingscrews(Din7981, 7982, 7983, Din 7971, 7972, etc), Dry Wall, Chipboard screws, Wing Nuts and Toggle wings, blind rivets, anchor bolts and many special parts according to customer’s drawing.
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Zhejiang Lanxi Foreign Economic And Trade Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
1. chipbord screw, self tapping screw, drywall screw, self drilling screw,distance screw,machine screw,concrete screw,wooden screw,nail screw 2. DIN571, DIN603, DIN7981, DIN7982, DIN84, DIN931, DIN933, DIN85, DIN7504K, DIN7504M, DIN7504O. 3. wedge anchor, drop in anchor, heavy duty anchor, toggle wing, toggle bolt,nylon hammer fixing,ceiling anchor,metal frame anchor 4. threaded rods, stud bolt, hanger bolt, toggle bolt, guard rail bolt,U bolt,Stud 5. speical screw
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hangzhou everbright metal products co.,ltd
Main Products:
fastener stamping parts
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