Shenzhen Shendingsheng Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Rivets, male female screws, step screws,semi-tubular rivet, non-standard screws, turning parts
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Suzhou Screw Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
Main Products Bolt: Hex Bolt, Square Bolt, Step Bolt (Semi-Round Head, Round Head, Countersunk Head) Screw: Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Screw, T Screw, SEM Screw, Step Screw, Hex Wood Screw, Round Head Screw, Machine Screw (Cross Recessed Countersunk Head, Cross Recessed Semi-Countersunk Head, Hex Round Head), Hex Set Screw (with Cone Point, Round Point, Flat Point) Self-Drilling Screw: Hex Self-Drilling Screw with Washer, Hex Flange Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Pan Head Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Semi-Countersunk Head Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Round Head Self-Drilling Screw with Washer, and other stainless steel fasteners Self-Tapping Screw: Hexagon Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws with Self-Tapping Screw Thread, Self-Tapping Screw (Pan Head, Semi-Round Head, Truss Head, Flat Head), Cross Recessed Self-Tapping Screw (Truss Head, Pan Head, Countersunk Head, Semi-Countersunk Head) Nut: Acorn Nut, Square Nut, Hex Acorn Thick Nut, Nylon Nut, Eye Nut Washer: Spring Washer, Flat Washer Threaded Rod, Copper Cutting Part and other stainless steel fasteners and non-standard fasteners
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Dong Guan Point Screw Enterprise Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Our Products get widely used in digital photo machine, cell phone, host computer, display, AIO, NB, iPad, LED. We mainly produce screws from M1-M6, e.g.: machine screw, self-tapping screw, triangle self-tapping screw, self-tapping screw with sharp point, self-tapping screw with cutting point, step screw, screw with washer, screw with spring; lathes parts, e.g.: rivet, nut, tin stud, copper pin; spring, e.g.: pressure spring, tension spring, torsional spring, spring screw; stamping part, e.g.: washer, fastener, e-ring. What’s more, we can manufacture all kinds of fasteners and non-standard fasteners according to requirements.
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Dongguan Yilin Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
1. Multi-die and multi-stage screws, step screws, stampings, lathing parts, special parts, see D002 B040-U type hooks, precision lathing parts, slotted screws 2. Bolts (hex and socket) see A019 B014 B008 A017 A022 A024 A023 A008 3. Studs (double-end, screw plugs) see B024 D003 4. Screws (stainless steel screws, copper screw, precision screws, wood screws, lag screws, rivets/flat head screws) see B047 B033 B045 5. Nuts (washers, rings, springs, pins) see C002 C019 C023 C012
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lia Precision Parts Co.
Main Products:
different head styles, like socket head, thin raised cheese head, flat round head, countersunk head, hex head, washer head, etc., different drive styles, like slotted, Philips, Torx, etc. and different materials, like titanium, brass, iron, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. Our products include stainless steel screws, self-tapping screws, hex head cap screws, socket head cap screws, rivets, step screws, nuts, hardware, stamping, machining parts, etc.
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Dongguan greatly bright stars hardware screw factory
Main Products:
The PEM press Liu bolt;Press a Liu stainless steel screw;Press a Liu copper bolt;Press Liu aluminum screw;Stainless steel screw;Wood screw;Cup head from offend screw;Hexangular screw inside the crew cut;Copper screw;Big and flat head screw;Wagon screw;Step screw;Combination screw;Method orchid screw;Take antiskid Chi screw;Sink hexangular screw inside the head;The son mother nail;Umbrella head screw;From offend from drill screw;Plum flower head screw;
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Wenzhou Lituo Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Non - standard, non - standard stainless steel, non - standard nut, non - standard screw, lock point, resonant rod, lamp accessories, lamp accessories, crystal basket, lamp socket joint, lamp nut, nut. Tubing fittings, furniture fittings, auto accessories, stainless steel pendants. Motorcycle accessories, hollow screws, step screws, step nuts, conical screws. Conical nut, special-shaped screw, special-shaped nut, bending screw, multi bending screw, flat screw, circular nut, cylindrical nut, high nut. Stainless steel semi hollow rivets and stainless steel rivets.
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Dongguan Dalang Shuying Hardware Product Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Now our main products are screws (e.g.: non-standard screw, special screw, T screw, step screw, extended screw, color screw, torx plastic screw, carriage screw, socket head cap screw, hexagon head screw, self-tapping screw, wood screw,stainless steel screw, set screw, sport equipment supporting screw, furniture screw, scooter screw, and some screws in electron, electrical equipment, loudspeaker box, plastic, toy etc), step rivet, rivet with deep hole, thumb lock, axis core, lathe piece, stamping part and some other hardware accessories. Product in iron, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum etc can be done.
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Nantong Dewo Standard Parts Co. Ltd.
Main Products:
Production and sales of standard parts, model complete, high quality and low price
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