Main Products:
This company specialized production, iron, stainless steel fastener products: nylon lock nut, K nut tooth nut (out-of-band) flange, nylon bag, nylon cap, lighting hex nuts, flange nuts, nut, cap, T hat, casing, etc., complete specifications. Good quality, punctual delivery and reasonable price, especially in the case of customized non-standard products, has accumulated rich experience, welcome new and old friends cable inquiry and cooperation!
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0769-83486076 83001269 83001379
Main Products:
Our main products are stainless steel standard and non-standard fasteners. Standards: Metric Fastener Standards, IFI, BS. Material: 201: 304: 302: 321: 316: 316L (materials of Shanghai Baosteel). We can also process non-standard fasteners to meet the demand of customers.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 13917783808
Beijing Xintianyun Fasteners Co., Ltd
Main Products:
General fasteners, import alloy steel fasteners, rivet fasteners, steel structure fasteners, plastic fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, Titanium alloy fasteners, copper fasteners, aluminum fasteners, chemical anchor bolts, embedding rubbers, coils, self-locking screws, mini precise electronic screws, products with a variety of designs and non-standard fasteners. Surface Treatment: White Zinc, Yellow Zinc and Dacromet, etc.
Country/Region: CHINA/Beijing Tel : 010-87607678, 87600505, 87600909, 63466210, ...
Wuxi Wuda Hardware Product Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Stainless steel carriage bolt and Wire thread insert would be our advantage products, what’s more, we are also specialized in manufacturing hex screw, precision screw, nut, Segment bolt and some other stainless steel fasteners.
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 13382238258(微信同号),0510-83118458
Wenzhou Sanlin Metals Products Co.,LTD.
Main Products:
brass hex nuts brass cap nuts brass bolts brass screws brass washers brass precise hardware stainless steel nuts
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-86563888
Suzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Fastener Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
stainless steel srews, screws for hose clamp, hex bolts, socket head cap screws, machine screws M1.6 - M12, self-tapping screws, chipboard screws, non-standard fasteners
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0512-65351210,65795855
Taizhou Fengye Metal Product Co., Ltd
Main Products:
production and sales of stainless steel self tapping screws,Mechanical screws,nuts, rivets,washers(plain washers and spring washers),wedge anchor, stainless steel undercut anchor, aluminum extrusions, expansion screws and other standard or non-standard fasteners and curtain wall accessories.
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 13337783151
Main Products:
Stainless steel fasteners. Roofing screws;Self-drilling screws; machine screws; tapping screws; chipboard screws; deck screws, hardware
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-62712703 13606592191
Dongguan King Tower Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Screws, self-tapping screws, axle, lock screws, automotive turning parts, screw drivers, toy axles, machine screws, machining, aluminum screws, stainless steel screws, brass screws, security screws, electronic screws, precision screws,hardware screws,nails nylon screws,wrench, lathe parts, turning screws,washers,bolts,nuts,screws, rivets
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 0769-81022811
Tong Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-82203125; 800-8573-558
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