Wenzhou ouhai GuoXi silver fai fastener factory
Main Products:
Pin series: 1, straight two-tank elastic pin standards GB879.1/2-2000 GB879-86 DIN1481 ISO8752 2, roll type elastic pin standards GB879.3/4/5-2000 DIN7343 ISO8748 ISO8750 3, the crimped elastic pin standards JIS2808 GB879 And the imperial, us-made standard elastic pins, diameter lower 1 - phi 20, material can use all sorts of carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. All kinds of stamping type fastener: 1, flat mat 2, all kinds of steel wire block circle 3, custom-built various non-standard knotty hardware pin,heavy duty spring pin,spring type straight pin, spiral pin, flat washer, spring washer, non-standard parts
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