Shanghai G&T Industry Co., Ltd
Main Products:
1.Bolt:Carriage bolt,Hex bolt, Socket head bolt,Flange bolt; 2.Threaded Rod:Full threaded rod,Stud bolt, Double end stud bolt; 3.Nut:Hex nut,Flange nut,Heavy hex nut,Square nut, Tee nut, Wing nut; 4.Screw:Self-drilling screw,Self-tapping screw, Wooden screw, Machine screw; 5.Washer:Flat washer, Spring washer, Square washer, Lock washer; 6.Machining part:Castings,Forgings,Turning,Milling,Stamping Die Casting Parts; 7.Customized products based on drawings.
Country/Region: /Shanghai Tel : 86-13761105129
Main Products:
garage door fasteners,hex bolts,hex head bolts,hex socket head bolts,hex flange bolts,hex flange head bolts,carriage bolts,track bolts,eye bolts,fishtail bolts,hanger bolts,self-tapping screws,sheet metal screws,roofing screws,self-drilling screws,TEK screws,drywall screws,coach screws,split pins,chipboard screws,hex nuts,hex cap nuts,hex serrated nuts,spring nuts,weld nuts,castle nuts,special nuts,threaded rods,plain washers,spring washers,square washers,bonded washers,s hook,anchor
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-58903118
Main Products:
DIN/ASME/IFI/GB/AS Standard: Hex Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Hex Flange Bolt, Hex Socket Head Bolt, Bolt & Screw, and Non-Standard Bolts. Dia from M5 To M30(1/4" To1"), length: from 8mm To 300mm. 1. hex bolt2. carriage bolt3. hex flange bolt4. hex socket head bolt5. guardrail bolt6. heavy hex bolt7. square head bolt8. stamping9. hex nut10.coulping nut
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-86408568,0573-86408168,0573-86570788,13...
Ningbo BQhardware Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
all kinds of hex socket head bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts, double end studs, anchor bolts, U bolt, T bolt, track bolts, flange bolts, guardrail bolts, threaded steel bolts and a variety of high strength non-standard fasteners, various specifications of standard and non-standard nuts, washers and studs. Grade range: Grade 4.8 to Grade 12.9.Materials: steel and stainless steel. Surface treatment: zinc plated, black, hot dip galvanizing, plain and so on. DIN931 DIN933 Hex bolt stud rod
Country/Region: Ningbo/Zhejiang Tel : 0-13957472267
Wuhu Qiangzhen Automobile Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Snap Ring, circlips for shafts, E clips,circlips,hex head bolt,anchor bolts,motorcycle bolts, huck bolts,wheel bolt,carriage bolt,socket head bolt, hook bolt,hanger bolt,plow bolt,guardrail bolts, countersunk bolts,structural bolt, lag bolt, lock bolt,pan head bolt, stud bolt,square head bolts,track bolts,expansion bolts Standard bolt, screw ; Standard nut ; The high strength fastener Able to bear the falling type fastener; Making up type fastener; Welding type fastener; Axles fastener; Axle sleeve ; Heterotype fastener; Hoop ; Reed nut punching ;
Country/Region: China/Anhui Tel : 0553-8768222, 8768619, 8768609 , 13515536666...
ZheJiang Cowin Fastech CO.,Ltd
Main Products:
Standard Fastener:hex bolts,Wheel bolts,Flange bolts; Flange bolts:Hexagon head bolt,Hexagon socket head bolt,Hexagon flange bolt with bearing surface and tooth ,Hexagon flange bolt ,Stud bolt ,Outer plum bolt ,Inter plum bolt , Wheel bolt,Adhesive bolt
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 0573-84826001
Zhejiang Shuangtai Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Bolts,Nuts,Washers,Axles,Sleeve and Another non-standard products(Standard:GB,ANSI,DIN,BS,JIS,ISO) brazil market: 53220-397-630 53210-KE8-010 42301-GCE-900,90306-KFO-003 5HH-25381-00,90185-14814 42301-441-860,90305-GE8-003 90120-121-970,52181-001-300,90122-GCE-900,90304-GEB-003 90121-107-780(1) 90121-KYO-890(1),90305-CE8-003(1),94101-14000(1),52141-KWI-900(2),52108-356-006(4) 94101-14000(1),90121-KGA-940,90305-GE8-003(1),52141-KWI-900(2),52108-356-006(4) 5HH-25181-00,90185-10091 44301-GE2-000,90306-KFO-003 44301-KGA-900,90306-KFO-003 42144-356-003,52109-430-300,91071-MAO-003 5HH-F2123-00,90386-18099 52181-001-300 90381-KY2-700 90107-GN1-010,90304-GE8-000 90308-382-670 90304-KCH-890 91509-GE2-760 91509-GCE-760 90305-401-680 94021-10020-0S 90091-KRM-840 90304-KBB-900 90304-438-000 90012-KK3-830,90206-250-000 90306-KRM-840 90306-KFO-003 90113-KRM-860 90128-KE2-940 53192-268-000,88110-441-930 92912-08025-3E 90109-08803 90132-KYO-840 92700-06035-3E 90012-333-000,90206-001-000 43141-KB4-000 DT180 5789 M6 96001-06095-00 5789 M6 5789 M8 90121-KYO-890B RD-12616 50512-GCE-900 50512-KRM-860(50512-KGA-900) 50526-383-670 RD-07968 44301-098-010 RD-12615 44301-GE2-000 5HH-F5181-00 42301-KGA-900 -F5381-00 TRILHA 5577(RD-12704) RD-10646 94103-06700 90527-397-910 90534-011-000 RD-14249 43410-KW1-900 52141-KY7-000 90121-107-780B 90444-397-000 42620-107-010 44620-397-630(42620-397-630) 44620-400-000(42620-400-000) 42620-KGA-900 61*21(RD-7611) 40543-KBW-950 40543-MCG-000 52200-KPE-900 52200-KRE-900ZA -E1186-00(RD-14218) 90304-KBB-904 7MM PH 4*25(93500-04025) 93500-05012-0G 12361-035-000 12361-KYO-890 23802-GN5-910 50186-KGA-900 33491-KGA-900 37213-KCH-900 90112-MC7-000 90308-KRM-860 95014-921-000 GB70 6*40 GB70 8*50 93101-08020-0A 93101-06010-0A 95300-08100-00 TITAN 90306-KFC-003 90305-401-680 T90231-397-000 94050-05000 94050-06000 94050-07000 94050-08000(94101-08700) 94002-06000-05 94304-ME1-670 90304-ME1-670 33101-441-891 ACERBIS 95300-08115-00 93101-06035-0A 93101-06045-0A 95300-08060-00 96001-06020-00 96001-06020-100 BIZ RD-10995 RD-10997 93500-05016-0G RD-12626 RD-12625 95014-72102 95014-71202 24651-KRM-840 90664-KYO-750 90664-KA2-000(90664-KA2-200) 90034-397-010 90032-377-010 90001-KCH-780 40543-397-000 5RM-F5388-00 90109-MZ5-008 46514-107-010 93893-04016-07 45543-KRM-840C 95014-71202K 90156-GBO-900 93901-24680 NO.3434 STA3434 90032-KW3-008 90106-KCH-900 (TITAN) 42301-KBB-900 92915-002-250E 90034-GHR-660 XAN-4428 93901-24681 93903-22420 93901-24220 50186-KPF-850 18374-MLO-000 61317-KRE-900 61311-KRE-900 61312-KRE-900 33101-KRM-871 ACE-2007 ALE-2007 TAT-2007-03-16 90304-GE8-003 90201-428-900 6mm RD-3848 35753-KG2-951 93500-05020-0G 90041-KBW-940 90035-KRM-840 90113-KRM-860 TI-6119 90128-391-000(CG/TI/KS/ES) TRILHA 6*6*35 33350-MF8-000 23802-KAS-900 -H3519-00 90038-GHR-770 43410-KRM-861 90036-GHR-890 45410-KRM-851 61102-KGA-900 80103-KGA-900 80103-KRM-860 51412-KGA-901 90032-GF6-000 80103-KYO-970 61102-KRM-860 51401-KRM-861 51401-KGA-B00 51470-383-723 51437-383-721 RD-12618DT180/BROSS 40456-KW8-900(NX/XR/XLR)40546-KW8-900 52473-K47-000 YB-10102 5HH-H4115-000 RD-16002 53220-397-630 TITAN 42301-GCE-900 RD-020508 TAT-04369(RD-04369) -E3451-000 93894-04016-00 42313-GCE-900 52141-KM1-900K 52108-356-006 AP-292005 06.967.059/C001-30 90527-397-910 10MM 18233-330-000 AC-0509 43410-KCH-780 AP1373203 43451-GCE-900 43451-KYO-930 RD-0406 45435-121-010 MOB-4359 MT-8568 PRETA 94111-05000 94111-06000 90508-26667 44680-410-000 ST-2007 90309-ML3-791 90308-382-670 ES125 45510-KRM-KIT T1-150 ES 5RM-E6356-00K 5RM-E6154-00 90170-12060 90215-12211 33101-KGA-C00 33101-KGA-900 90105-KRE-000 40546-KPF-900 90506-15290 90506-15313 03-TM-2007 41203-KBB-900 NX/XR/XLR 42620-KY7-000 AP-0401 MS-0129 42620-121-000 14541-GB4-680 CG/TO/TI 90354-011-000 REF 635 ⑧ 32116 CG/TI DT-180 90121-KY7-000 90121-KRM-840 43141-KYO-930 43141-107-010 30402-KGA-900 90021-10020-05 RD-11000 TITAN 248-25351-10 43141-KB4-000 AP-0806 AP-0805 AP-0807 94101-06000 90428-958-000 90521-KRM-860 41203-KBW-900 90605-KPS-900 AP-0309 AP-0308 PR-0707 90021-10020-09 90231-KPS-900 90461-107-000 43410-GCE-900 90003-KFG-000 90306-KRM-840 45215-GC4-602 14535-437-000 96700-08016-10 93500-05016-0A REF 639 61410-36002 94401-08700-8MM 94102-08700-10MM 93500-04025-0G 90041-KBW-940 93903-24580 93500-04055-1A 90111-362-000 BL-200624 80145-MS9-612 95701-08030-00 95701-08040-00 95701-06028-00 RD-10984 90123-KRM-860 90306-397-000 BIZ 90081-035-000 95001-06012-00 96001-06035-00 95701-08045-00 95001-06040-00 95701-08032-00 95300-08035-00 95300-08090-00 95300-08110-00 28261-391-000 AL010806 90154-MAO-000 95001-06035-00 RD-10996 /93500-05025-0A 93500-06016-0A M6*16 95001-06010 95001-06025 95801-08070-00 95801-08090 90012-KK3-830 AL-020806 95300-08025-00 93500-06016-0AM6*16 90115-197-000 90087-KGA-850 90084-KPS-900 35111-29B60 -H411R-00 33605-KBB-900 33606-KBB-900 14515-KRM-840 RD-15536 -F5351-01 3T3-F5117-00 90560-15136 90387-121L9 90380-KGA-C00 90087-428-000 90084-428-000 61316-KBB-900 61315-KBB-900 33650-KAF-000 22810-KRM-840 61311-KGA-900 KS/ES 61410-36002 90123-383-721 GB5787 M6 96001-060 10650 RD-13064 /MOD.92 94111-08700 93101-06020 95300-08030 95300-08045 95155-443-661 GB5787 M6 80 95 93500-04055-01A 94101-08700 93101-06020 90153-KBB-900 90306-KFO-003(F-) 60306-KFO-003 90130-KBB-900 90305-GE8-003 64345-GCE-900 64346-GCE-900 YBR 125 90109-08803  SEXMUADO ACO8.8 YBR 125 9531M-08600 5RM-F5389-00 6/2/2008 90125-KA4-000 95701-08025-00 95701-08020-00 96001-06028 93500-05022-0G LEHH-7722 50145-KCH-305 RD-14245 90023-KK3-830 90128-KBB-900 90081-KBB-900 0001-30-M25*1 22810-KBB-900 45410-KB7-020 43410-MC4-010 RD-29741 RD-18396 90527-397-900 RD-19002 23802-KAE-870 23804-KPF-900 53220-GN5-850 RD-29712 -F5800-KT 52141-KPS-900 93101-06016-0A 93500-05020-0A 95701-08050-00 95701-08028-00 95801-08080-00 95001-060 22823-KFL-840 SUPORTE PISCA TRAZ KS/ES 33491-KGN-900 90164-028-000 93500-05030-0A ROSCA INTERNA TRILHA 8*12 GROSSA GB6170 196001-KYO-KIT 196001-KGA-KIT 61102-KVS-600 61102-KWG-600 -F583T-00K YBR-125 90305-KFC-930 95801-08110-0 RD-16735 RD-10991 43410-KPS-900 50186-KWG-600 53192-268-000 53192-312-000 90107-MBL-610 52108-KVS-601 93101-06012-0A 95701-08035-00 51455-KRM-861 GB822 93700-05016-0A 24621-107-760 90034-397-10M 90032-377-10M 93600-06016-0A 12X16X18X1.5 12X16X18X1.25 8X14X35X1.5 6X10X15X1.5 10X12X26X1.25 10X12X11X1 8X12X26X1.5 94019-12000 92911-06016-0E 13331-360-000 RD-20814 RD-20817 45410-397-631 45410-KGA-900 43410-KGA-900 5RM-F5355-00 50523-KGA-900 50523-107-000 50523-KEV-900 RD-21072 RD-21073 RD-21074 RD-21075 RD-21076 RD-21077 RD-21078 RD-21079 95300-08080-00 96001-06 90121-107-780F 90121-KYO-890 90128-391-KIT /TI/KS/ES 14751-KGA-B00 90121-KSS-901C 90703-HC4-000 TITAN 94301-10200 TITAN 95300-08040-00 95001-06045-00 90120-121-970 18373-KRH-D20 18373-KPE-730 42301-KGA-KIT 24630-GN5-941 RD-22147 52141-KPS-905 RD-19001 40543-KVK-900 95014-10020 44680-MA0-000 90381-18800 5RM-F2126-KT RD-22491 90150-KBB-KIT 92912-08025-3E 90031-KRM-840 90032-KN6-930 90031-KFB-000 90031-KN6-930 90157--KB7-940 90150-KBB-900 52141-KY7-000 52141-KPE-900 52101-GFP-KIT 96001-06080-00 33103-KPE-900 44833-KRE-900 90114-KFC-900 90113-HA6-770 90113-GFP-B00 95001-06050-00 52144-356-003 5781 M6 53229-KPE-900 53220-422-000 44301-KW8-900 44301-KPF-910 44301-KPE-900 90031-KN6-930 90032-KN6-930 90031KFB-000 90031-GF6-000 90121-437-KIT 4AN-F2141-10 90121-KPF-KIT 90508-40801 16022-KYO-MOL 90031-107-010 09443-14015 46513-KPS-900 35357-KBB-950 5HH-82530-20 33108-KGA-900 90506-29800 43151-110-000 43151-329-000 09443-06012 35357-GCE-900 90506-23801 50535-KPF-850 09443-18006 90506-35474 94102-12000 94101-14000 90401-383-670 94102-100000 22F-12159-00 RD-2933 90304-KGA-900 90179-12817 09180-15011 44301-KRE-900 RD-22669 90121-KRM-840 64711-05330 42301-KPF-900 42301-KRE-900 54711-05310 43451-KRE-900 43451-KRM-860 18D-H4315-00 18D-H4315-10 43451-KBB-900 5HH-F7231-01 93101-06050-0A 95801-08100-0 RD10956 90105-08724 44808-KRM-TVA 14510-383-KIT 14771-107-020 40546-KVK-900 95300-08070-00 96001-06100-00 61261-05341 61261-45F10 54441-45FA0 64451-45FA0 43300-26H00 90128-MM9-00 93101-06025-OA 8# 5HH-F7311-00 90155-369-000 90101-KW8-900 90128-GFP-900 90102-GHR-F00 35357-KRE-900 42303-GN5-900 52141-KWT-KIT 90011-729-000 90101-GJ6-000 91509-KRM-86K 18D-H3519-00 RD-24610 14541-GB4-680 4AN-F2141-KIT 90381-KY2-700 90107-GN1-010,90304-GE8-000 90308-382-670 91509-GE2-750 90305-401-680 90091-KRM-840 90304-KBB-900 90304-438-000 90012-KK3-830,90206-250-000 90306-KRM-840 90306-KFO-003 90128-KE2-940 53192-268-000,88110-441-930 92912-08025-3E 90109-08803 91509-GCE-760 94021-10020-0S 90113-KRM-860 90132-KYO-840 92700-06035-3E 90012-333-000,90206-001-000
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 18968895658
Xingyi Fastener Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
Our Screw Factory mainly produces the external hexagonal bolt (M12 ~ M64 not limit to Level 8.8 ~ Level 12.9) and internal hexagonal bolt (M12 ~ M64×70 ~ 1000mm, level 8.8 ~ level 12.9) with ANSI,BS,DIN,GB,JIS Standard etc.The monthly output is about 3500 tons.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-86508139 86508011
Ningbo Weli Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
·Bolts ·Hex Bolts ·U Bolts ·Round Head Oval Neck Bolts ·Threaded Rods&Studs ·Screws ·GuardRail Bolts ·Machine Screws ·Roofing Screws ·Coach Screws ·Set Screws ·Socket Countersunk Head Screws ·Socket Head Cap Screws ·Nuts ·Hex Nuts ·Flange Nuts ·Wing Nuts ·Spring Nuts ·Cap Nuts ·Nylon Lock Nuts ·Hex Long Nuts ·Hex Thin Nuts ·Washers ·Spring Washers ·Flat Washers ·Anchors ·Drop in Anchors ·Anchor Bolts ·Non-standard series ·Non-standard fastener ·Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 86-574-86305053
Haiyan xin kun auto fastener co., LTD
Main Products:
1.Bolt&screw: Hex/structural/Socket head bolt&screw etc. 2.Nut: Hex/heavy hex/structral nut etc. 3.Metal Screw: Self tapping/self drilling/machine screw etc. 4.Anchors /: heavy duty/drop in/cut anchor etc. 5.Washer: Flat/spring/tooth/hardened washer etc. 6.Bars & U/J / eye/double head stud bolts etc. 7.Nonstandard fasteners: 8.Plastic products 9.Metal Products 10.Tools: Rivet Gun, Hex Wrench ,Tap in various kinds styles. Raw material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel,
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-88067289
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Golden Spider Network Co., Ltd.