Main Products:
It is specializing in the production of washers (stoppers, snap rings, cushion rings ) spring fasten articles, assembled screws and multi-functional screws.circlips,SEMS screws
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Wuhu Qiangzhen Automobile Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Snap Ring, circlips for shafts, E clips,circlips,hex head bolt,anchor bolts,motorcycle bolts, huck bolts,wheel bolt,carriage bolt,socket head bolt, hook bolt,hanger bolt,plow bolt,guardrail bolts, countersunk bolts,structural bolt, lag bolt, lock bolt,pan head bolt, stud bolt,square head bolts,track bolts,expansion bolts Standard bolt, screw ; Standard nut ; The high strength fastener Able to bear the falling type fastener; Making up type fastener; Welding type fastener; Axles fastener; Axle sleeve ; Heterotype fastener; Hoop ; Reed nut punching ;
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Main Products:
Spring pins; Spring Dowel Pins Coiled pins; Circlips;
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Yueqing lisheng spring co,.ltd
Main Products:
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Rui’an Haian Deyu Standard Parts Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Our main products include circlips for hole, circlips for shaft, roundwire snap rings, E-rings, round nuts, washers internal teeth, washers external teeth external, serrated lock washers internal teeth, serrated lock washers external teeth, tab washers, tab washers with long tab, tab washers with long tab, parallel keys and custom parts.
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Rui’an Fengtai Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
circlips for shaft/hole; open grip rings; steel wire circlips; round wire snap rings; spring washers with internal teeth, external teeth, curve, wave; external tap round nuts, external tongue round nuts with long tap, external tongue round nuts with long tap and wing, etc; motorcycle accessories, auto transmission shaft rings, non-standard fasteners.
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Zhejiang Chuangxin Standard Fasteners Factory
Main Products:
Our main products are: bolts from M3 to M20, nuts from M4 to M24, pins, snap rings, etc.
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Qingdao Shengxiong Trading Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Self-clinching Fasteners Panes studs and floating nuts are broadly applied to panel, plug box, apparatus and meters. Standard Fasteners Standard fasteners of all strength levels are applied to many industries. Rivets Rivets, nuts of different head styles and materials, mainly applied to panel fastening and thread making of enclosure. Pressing Fasteners Pressing fasteners, including flat washers, spring washers, snap rings and snap nuts, etc, are mainly produced to fulfill accessory fastening needs. Non-standard Fasteners Non-standard fasteners can be designed and produced in accordance with customers’ drawings and special requirements.
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Ningbo Beilun Haixiang Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Stainless fasteners,DIN6923,DIN1587,DIN934 and non-standard screws 304/316
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Xinchang Yongli Circlip Factory
Main Products:
Snap rings, circlips, washers, automotive assemblies
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