Yushung Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
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Silicon bronze fasteners, CuNiSi fasteners,phosphor bronze fasteners, aluminium bronze fasteners, brass fasteners, silicon bronze rod, phosphor bronze rod, aluminium bronze rod, brass(naval) rod.
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Dalian Feiyu Fateners Co.,Ltd
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Dalian Feiyu Fasteners Co., Ltd, established in 1978, has more than 30 years experience in producing brass fasteners. As a member of China General Parts Committee, we have won the reputations of “Quality Trustworthy Organization”, “Leading enterprise in Brass Standard parts” and “Provincial Technology Star” etc. we have also passed the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality. We are specialized in a complete sequence of fasteners, such as screws, nuts, bolts, and washers etc, which involve in many kinds of matrials, brass, copper, bronze and related surface treatments. And the standard parts and components are of different types and specifications, namely GB, DIN, JIS,ANSI, and BS. We can also produce brass components according to the clients’requirements. The brass components are made of raw materials, which includes differents kinds of brass, red copper, silicon bronze, aluminium bronze, tin bronze, manganese bronze, manganese brass and so on. We can also provide environmental electroplating. The products can get OKEO-TEX standards(RoHS), and are widely exported to the USA, Europe, Korea, etc. Our company persists on the business concept of “hi-tech innovation and quality first, customer and credit foremost”. Based on the advanced technology, fine quality testing and detecting system, we shall provide competitive priorities to our clients in and abroad. “First-class quality, economic price, efficient transportation, satisfactory after-sales service” is always our goal. we sincerely anticipate with your cooperations.
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Eagleeyes Hardware Factory
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Silicon bronze cut thread wood screws Silicon bronze machine screws Silicon bronze hex cap screw Silicon bronze carriage bolt Silicon bronze hex head wood screw Siliocn bronze nuts Brass cut thread wood screws Brass machine screws Brass hex cap screws Brass carriage bolt screws Brass tapping screws Brass nuts Stainless steel cut thread wood screws Stainless steel machine screws Stainless steel tapping screws etc
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Hanfast Int'l Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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Our entire range of fasteners is made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, silicon bronze and other special materials. Production is carried out in compliance with ISO, DIN, BS, ANSI, JIS specifications
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MU LING Hardware Co., Ltd.
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I take charge of the bronze fastener mainly to include the silicon bronze/aluminum bronze/phosphor bronze/brass and so on. Product scope Guang Fan, including screw, bolt, nut, gear rack, gasket and so on. Productivity, no matter the size, the length majority situations can satisfy the customer the demand. The product quality is high, can enter business to produce stably world-known for a long time. Also independently researches and develops the stainless steel wire rod heater!!!
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ji ning shi ren cheng qu san xin you she jinshu jing ying bu
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This company main product: Casting forging The machine-finishing each kind of specification model's copper aluminum molding casts the copper stock cast-aluminium carbon steel stock stainless steel stock nodular graphite casting large-scale guide screw large gear heavy casting Zinc base alloy Babbit tin-base alloy lead base alloy bearing metal casting. Has the sand casting metal founding centrifugal casting precision casting pressure casting punch press pipe bending machine the most big-ticket item may cast 5000 kilograms/most light castings to be possible to cast 0.05 kilogram/ to be possible to provide end product half-finished product semifinished materials one, copper: (1) leaded bronze (2) phosphor bronze (3) nickel brass (4) high silicon brass (5) tin phosphor bronze (6) tin phosphor bronze (7) low silicon bronze (8) leaded brass (9) high silicon brass (10) manganese bronze (11) chromium copper (12) tungsten copper (13) gun metal (14) aluminum bronze (15) manganese brass specification model: The bar copper copper pipe copper hollow bar copper board copper bar copper tape copper wire copper wire copper bushing bearing copper casting copper hammers braze flat copper heterogeneous type molding opposite sex copper pipe copper worm gear copper precision casting galvanization brazing copper copper standard letter galvanization copper bar copper screen copper fitting two, aluminum: The aluminum molding aluminum bandage aluminum alloy casting aluminum presses casting aluminum extrusion molding opposite sex aluminum tube aluminum stick aluminum tube aluminum wire aluminum belt aluminum row of aluminum sheet aluminum welding rod aluminum louver big section aluminum extrusion large-scale aluminum tube large-scale aluminum stick ellipse aluminum tube three, Babbit: Babbit good Babbit tube Babbit casting Babbit spindle Babbit gear Babbit molding four, non-ferrous metal raw material: Electrolysis copper ingot aluminum ingot zinc spindle lead ingot pure tin soldering tin copper welding rod aluminum welding rod gun metal welding rod each non-ferrous metal welding rod five, stainless steel: Stainless steel plate stainless steel belt stainless steel pipe stainless steel rod stainless steel casting stainless steel standard letter stainless steel bend stainless steel flange stainless steel channel steel stainless steel steel wire six, the mining machinery fitting, the paper manufacturing machinery fitting, the engineering machinery fitting, the glass mechanical fitting, the chemical machinery, the textile machinery, the electrical power equipment, the rubber mechanical fitting, the plastic mechanical fitting, the auto part, the electric appliance fitting, the power equipment fitting, the highway machinery, construction machinery and so on like have the need please to relate the Shandong Province Jining central area three Xin non-ferrous metals after battalion headquarters Liu Bo: 13863713300 13954768860 telephone: 0537-2514138 QQ: 573970816 mailbox:
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DEYU Chemical Co., Ltd
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My unit has accumulated unique expertise in industrial copper products professional technology, professional production and sales of silicon bronze, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, beryllium bronze bronze products quality. Relying on the company for many years in the field of industrial copper products supporting and service experience in conventional products, meet the smooth supply at the same time and be able to adapt to the needs of your special technical requirements and product, provide the most professional connection copper product solution for you, all products of the company are using the most advanced production equipment, the products are widely used in machinery and equipment, electric power, metallurgy, oil, copper and iron, chemical industry, machine tool, textile, automobile, motor, precision instruments, mining machinery, construction machinery, road construction machinery, railway and other fields,
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Taizhou Eastfast Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
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stainless steel bulk nails, stainless steel coil nails, copper nails,silicon bronze nails.
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Shanghai Miyang Fastener Co.Ltd.
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