Shijiazhuang Eternal Technology Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Clinching nuts, rivet stud pressure riveting screws, cage nuts, rose riveting nut, pull rivet nuts, crown screws, wire thread insert, Accuride rails, rivet nut installation tools, manual pull rivet nut gun, pneumaticpull rivet nut gun, captive screws
Country/Region: /Hebei Tel : 13933093232
Haining Shuangmin Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
1. DIN nylon self-locking nuts, DIN985, DIN 982, M24-M42, ASTM nylon self-locking nuts, NE8, NTE8, 7/8-1 1/2. 2. ASTM D-6 nuts, 3/4-2’’ 3. ASTM A194 2H 5/8-2’’ 4. DIN934, M24-M64. Property class: 4,6,8,10 Surface treatment: black oxide coating, plating, blue white zinc, yellow zinc, hot-dip zinc, etc.
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-87901921,013588049888
Yuyao WeiTai fasteners Co., LTD
Main Products:
Willy Thai fasteners company's most competitive advantage of the products are: outside hexagonal screw, hex flang screws, cylinder head hex screws, lifting eyebolt, anchors, countersunk head hex screws, supplied pan-head hex screws, carriage screws, double screw,Butterfly type screw, living quarter screws, anchor screws, u-shaped screw, 4-angle screws, lifting eyebolt, tooth rods, hex nuts, hex nuts, hex nut thick thin, nylon self-locking nut, all metal locking nut, hex flange nuts, wing nuts, cap nuts, round shape nuts, square nuts, square welding nut, hex welding nut, notching hex nuts, expanding nut, rivet nuts, rings nut, pipe nut, supplied pan-head self-drilling screw, self-tapping screw, countersunk head big flat head self-drilling screw, machine screw, countersunk head mean-while machine screws, machine screws large flat head etc. All the ingredients for the domestic and world of high-grade wire, production process strictly control the quality of products.
Country/Region: China ningbo of zhejiang/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-22717122,13777155193
Ningbo Dongxiang Accuracy Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Broaching nuts, self-locking nuts, flate-in nuts, floating nuts, flush nuts, self-clinching nuts, grounding standoffs, keyhole standoffs, broaching standoffs, spring pins, assembly screws, blind rivets, embedded screws, self-clinching screws Non-standard series: Brass nuts, precise nylon parts, precise aluminum components, precise parts of iron, brass, etc.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-88056568 013957807926
Shanghai Detroit Precision Fastener Co.,LTD.
Main Products:
Country/Region: china/JiangSu Tel : 18913202611,18621709569
Shenzhen Pemco Fastening Systems Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
panel captive screws, panel fasteners assembly, spring-loaded plungers, ball plungers, spring plungers, hand retractable plungers, press fit plungers, thumb screws, captive nuts, self-clinching nuts, self-locking nuts, broaching nuts, cage nuts, flate-in nuts, rivet nuts, welded nuts, self-clinching standoffs, broaching stand-offs, flush fasteners, spacers, Jack screws, studs, threaded inserts for plastic, knurled nuts and screws, pins, latches, rings, handles and ferrules, self clinching cable tie mounts and hooks, CAM locks, and other precision turn parts by your request specially, machined parts
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 0755-29480609 18902484021
Zhuhai City Huarui Fasteners Ltd.
Main Products:
Screws; nut; washers; shells pad; pull burst, then the maximum burst; Self-Drilling; GB screw; tight set, machine-processed rice; axis (hole) with circlips, open file ring; pull the nail; Hexagon wrench; standard parts ; fasteners; order non-standard items; imports screw; high strength bolts; live bolt section; switch box screws; Electric screw; Electronics screws;
Country/Region: Zhuhai, Guangdong Province/Guangdong Tel : 0756-8234346
China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.
Main Products:
Bolts, screws, studs, self-locking screws, self-locking nuts, rivets, pins, washers and non-standard fastener; more than 300 standards; specifications: M1.6~M24, MJ1.6~MJ24; more than 100 kinds of material material: carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, brass alloy, titanium alloy (TC4-Ti-6AI-4V;TB3-Ti-10Mo-8V-1fe-3,5AI;TC16-Ti-3AI-5Mo-4,5V;TA1-Ti-4, etc.), high-temperature alloy(Inconel718;GH2132-A286,UNSS66286,P.Q.A286;GH4169-Inconel718;GH738-Waspaloy;GH696-Fe-25Ni-12Cr), etc.
Country/Region: China/Henan Tel : 0376-6379866,6320119
Xin Yong Chang Metal Works CO. Ltd.
Main Products:
PEM standard fasteners—Screws, nuts, assemblies, riveted nuts, riveted standoffs、riveted studs, spring screws, cover screws, standoffs, position pins, floating nuts, flush nuts, self-locking nuts, plastic inserts, ground standoffs, self-locking bolts
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 0755-28120036,28121893
Rui'an Fansheng Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
stainless steel nut stainless steel hexagon nut stainless steel hexagon flange nuts stainless steel self-locking nuts stainless steel hexagon domed cap Nuts GB802-88 Acorn Nuts GB39-88Square Nuts-product Grade C GB/T13681-92 hexagon weld nuts GB/T13680-92Square weld nuts Hex Socket Set Screws With Flat Point Hex Socket Set Screws With Taper Point Hex Socket Set Screws With Dog Point Hex Socket Set Screws With Cup Point
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-65538111 15658618918
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