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Steel Self-Clinching Nuts
Dongguan Zhengmao Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Self clinch nuts, Self clinch standoffs Self clinch nuts, Self clinch standoffs,Self-clinching blind fasteners,Studs,Flare-in nuts,Floating self-clinching fasteners,Self-locating projection weld nuts,Flush nuts,Pilot pins,Right angle clinch fasteners
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The TFM wide-range of products include Self-Clinching Fasteners Self-Clinching Standoff Series Self-Clinching Nuts Series Broadching Series Stud Series Knurled Head Standoff Series Other related Self-Clinching Items Electronics Hardware Male Female Standoffs Spacers Double Ended Standoffs Swage Standoffs Hex Jack Screws Captive Panel Screws Thumb Screws Shoulder Screws Others Turned Parts Air Conditional Components Electrical & Electronics Components Automotive Components Furniture Components Brass Inserts Miscellaneous Bolts & Nuts Cage Nuts Weld Nuts Rivet Bushes Rivet Nuts CD Studs And many more.
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Dongguan Grand Metal Manufactory
Main Products:
Self-clinching Nuts: Self-clinching nuts, Self-clinching standoff, Self-clinching studs, Kalei Nuts, Rivet Bush, Welding Fastners, Brass Inserts, Male-Female standoff, Self-clinching locknuts, Self-clinching fasteners, Floating fasteners, Miniature fasteners, Hexagonal self-clinching nut, Self-locking fasteners, PSM nuts,PCB nuts, broaching type nuts etc. Self-clinching Standoffs: Blind fasteners, thru-hole/thread standoffs, threaded standoff for thin sheet, Blind threaded standoffs, connector ware fasteners, concealed-head standoffs, Snap-top standoffs, keyhole standoffs, broaching standoffs; Self-clinching Studs: Self-clinching non-flush studs, self-clinching flush-head studs, broaching type studs; Inserts for plastic: Ultrasonic/heat staking inserts, molded-in inserts, Press-in inserts; Others: Male-female standoffs, Panel fasteners, panel fastener assembled, panel access hardware, orders, shaft, precise turned products.
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Shanghai Yunchong Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
self-clinching fasteners /panel fasteners/turning parts
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Clinching Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Self-clinching fasteners, turning parts, screws.
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Main Products:
self-clinching fasteners self-clinching nuts self-clinching studs self-clinching standoffs panel fasteners floating fasteners captive fasteners self-locking fasteners pem fasteners riveting nuts floating nuts
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Arconix Fastening&distribution(Shanghai) Co.Ltd.
Main Products:
self-clinching fasteners, PEMSERTER Press(mechanical automatic punching machine)
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Suzhou Guheng Import and Export CO.,LTD
Main Products:
we design and manufacture the fastener and the maching parts.
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Fotsbon International Industry Limited
Main Products:
1.PEM standard self-clinching fasteners Self-clinching nuts, Self-clinching standoffs, Self-clinching studs and pins, Self-clinching standoffs and studs, pilot pins, keyhole standoffs, spring-top standoffs, panel fastener assemblies 2.DIN standard, ISO standard and GB/T standard A.Nuts Rivet nuts, hex nuts, lock nuts, cap nuts, square nuts, flange nuts, four-jaw nuts, K-nuts, inner and outer nuts, weld nuts, wing nuts, cage nuts B.Screws Self-tapping and self-drilling screws, machined wire, expansion screws, butterfly screws, set-up screws, combination screws, blind rivets, crown screws, knurled screws, screw bars, eyebolts, sheep eye self-tapping screws , butterfly screw, hexagon socket countersunk head screw C.Bolts Hexagon bolts, hexagonal flange bolts, hexagon socket head cap screws, semicircular head square neck bolts D.Sealing rings and gaskets Flat washers, spring washers, insulating washers, wave washers, E-rings E.Pins Elastic pins, cylindrical pins, threaded cylindrical pins, straight groove elastic cylindrical pins, rolled elastic cylindrical pins, tapered pins, groove pins, pins shaft, perforated pins, cotter pins F.Pressure riveting expansion screw: core expansion, expansion bolt, expansion pull hook, plastic rubber plug expansion tube, daughter rivet 3.Non-standard fasteners A.Copper fasteners: single-headed copper columns, double-headed copper columns, double-pass copper columns, hexagonal copper bolts, corn rivets, copper nuts, copper washers B.Non-standard custom series: To map custom samples 4.The tool series: rivet gun, riveting machine, hex wrench, tool set, drill bit 5.The simulation of thatch and other building materials series: PVC simulation thatch, PE simulation thatch, aluminum simulation thatch
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Shanghai Export Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Self-clinching studs Self-clinching standoffs Self-clinching nuts Threaded Inserts Blind rivets Riveting nuts Incline knurl nuts Captive screw
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