5S Wushi Hardware Co.,Ltd.
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5S Hardware Co.,Ltd is an ISO9001-2000 Certified company committed to selling the highest quality corrosion resistant fasteners at very competitive price. We are a manufacture and exporter directly selling to wholesale or retail OEM and end customers. Since 2000,we have founded a simple business philosophy sell High-quality fasteners keep plenty of inventory ,excellent customer service. we would be please to make every client satisfy. fastener stainless steel fastener, set screws, high strength fastener, GE series brand agent KATO screw thread insert PEM series Southcoo series THE
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Shenyang Liming Mechanical Component Factory
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Wire Thread Inserts &Necessary tools Standard Wire Thread Inserts Screw-Lock Inserts Blind-Hole Thread Inserts Coated Thread Inserts Screw Tap Hand Inserting Tools Tang Break-off Tools Extraction Tools Gauge Thread Inserts Key Locking Inserts Self Tapping Inserts General Type Thread Inserts Metal Seal Ring Seal Ring1 Seal Ring2
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Xinxiangcitychangling-HelicoilMachinery manufacturing Co.,ltd
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thread insert,screw thread insert ,thread repair set,Wire Thread Inserts; Internal Locking & Free-Running, National Fine Thread Series, Pipe Thread Series, Metric Series, Save-A-Thread-Solid Bushing Inserts With Mechanical Lock, In Inch (Coarse & Fine) Series ,threading inserts, Screw Thread Insert Tap,recoil kits,threaded insert
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Xinxiang Changling Helicoil Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd
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thread insert and helicoil
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Xinxiang Aoling Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Screw thread insert, power installation tools for wire thread insert
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Xinxiang Chang Ling JinShu zhipin Co.,ltd
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CL is a professional manufacturer integrating the manufacture, sale, development and design of wire thread insert series of products and the associated tools.
Country/Region: /Henan Tel : 86-373-3522967
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