Main Products:
railway fasteners: screw spikes, track bolts non-standard fasteners: U bolt,square bolts, wheel bolts, special bolts and screws, drive screws standard fasteners: ANSI/ASME B18.5 1990,DIN6914, ANSI/ASME B18.2.1 1996, DIN571,square bolts, hex bolts, wood screws, eye bolts,hex head screws, hex lag screws, round head square neck bolts, hex nuts stamping parts: pipes & hooks, hose clamp, welded stampings, clamps kit punching piece, cooling extrusion of cooling and heating, mechanical processing, non-standard piece, which are consistent with GB, DIN, ANSI and JIS, products of various specifications and max length of 1500mm.
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Jinjiang Tagong Hardware Forging Maufacturer
Main Products:
hexagon hut, flange nuts, railway nuts, wheel hub bolt, slotted nuts
Country/Region: /beijing Tel : 595-85523634
Main Products:
Export of railway fasteners and railway materials.
Country/Region: P.R. CHINA/Jiangsu Tel : 0519-86812686
Ningbo Haixin Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
high-strength steel structural bolts,nuts,track bolts,screw spikes and various non-standard fasteners.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 15088497618,13586739461
Shanghai Suyu railway fasteners Co.,ltd.1
Main Products:
railway fasteners、 railway spikes、railway bolts、standard component、 fasteners、fish plate、railway tie plate、rail brace、weld shoulder、gage tie bar、switch bolts、hexagon spike、screw spikes、square head screw spikes、drive spikes、track bolts、square head timber screws、dog spikes、US system point end screw with pich thread 、elestic clips、spring washers、hexagon bolts、foot bolts、two-end bolts、torsion shear bolts、knurled thmb thumb bolts、guardrail bolt、slotted countersunk head bolts、flange bolts、studs、hexagon socke bolts、hake bolt、mushroom head bolts、hexagon bolts with collar、T-bolts、eyebolts、square nuts、slotted nuts、hexagon nuts、flange nut、split pins、nylon anti-loosen nuts、flat washers、kinds of nuts、hook bolts、square bolts、rubbor plate、rod
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Main Products:
we supply: screw spike: ss5, ss8, ss25, ss36 and other speicications screw spikes Railway bolt: T bolt, SH Bolt, Track bolt, Hex bolt Elastic clips: E1609, E1809, E2005, E2007, E2055, SKL1, SKL12, SKL14 Rubber pad: R54 1435mm, R541067MM, R60 1435mm, ZW 687, ZW700 Insulator: Pandrol series #7,#8, #9, #11,#12, #13 Nylon insulators Lock washers: wL20, WL24, Wl22 Flat washer: Uls6, Uls7 Nut: Nlyon nut, hex nut, square nut, heavy and normal Shoulders Cast Rail base plate
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0086-512-52860841
Changshu Cowin Railway Materials Co.Ltd
Main Products:
We supply: screw spikes, railway bolts, elastic clips, rubber pads, insulators, lock washers, flat washers, nuts, shoulders and cast rail base plates
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0512-52860841
Changshu Zhonghui Railway Parts Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Bolts,Nuts,Washers,Split Pins,Screws,Dog Spikes,Fishplates,Rail Clips,Rail Clamps
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0512-52131172
Taicang Zhongbo Railway Fastening
Main Products:
TAICANG ZHONGBO RAILWAY FASTENING is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rail fastening in China. We are dedicated on supplying more better quality rail fastenings to the world railroad, and contributing to availability of more safety and convenient transit. ZHONGBO initially started from 2004, to 2011, it moved to current place, Shaxi Industry Park, Taicang, Jiangsu Province, east of China. The site is about 23000 square meters. There are 320 staff in the site, of which, there are about 16 technical staff, and 112 junior and senior skilled workers; for testing and production facilities, there are more than 260 sets. Total assets is about 120 millions RMB, annual turnover about 180 millions RMB. The annual production capability is 36000 tons including rail fastenings, kinds of railway bolts, screw spikes. ZHONGBO is certificated with ISO 9001:2008 through SGS audit, and also certificated by China Railway Product Testing and Certification Center-CRCC. As well, our products are also approved by world class railroad company, such as UPRR, BNSF, SBB, SRT, PNR, MTR etc. There is also a professional R&D team in ZHONGBO. There are 3 senior national class engineers, 5 engineers and 8 assist engineers, they are working hard on R&D and improvement of rail fastenings for each field. We already awarded 18 patents on metro railway fastening system, tramway fastening systems, and performed widely. We are also the testing base of Southwest Transportation University regarding to rail fastening systems; we also cooperated with Shanghai Tongji University regarding the research and developing about vibrating reduction, wave friction reduction to rail tracks fields and award several leading results.
Country/Region: /JiangSu Tel : 0512-53208507
Anhui Haicheng Railway Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Our main products include high-strength and corrosion-resistant rail fasteners, rail clips, anchor bolts, switch tie bolts, screw spikes, high-strength fasteners, tor-shear type bolts, space truss bolts, segment bolts, etc.
Country/Region: /Anhui Tel : 13309697576
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