Thread Rolling Dies
Steel Self-Clinching Nuts
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insulation case, MATS, nylon rivets, fixed deduction, chassis door buckle, plastic screws, plastic nut, wall plug, plastic, PC board spacing column , column spacing, LED column round spacing, LED light guide groove, PC board, PC board pull handle, quick clamp, nylon gaskets, button head, nylon cable tie, power cord clasp
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Dongguan Dalang Shuying Hardware Product Co., Ltd
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Now our main products are screws (e.g.: non-standard screw, special screw, T screw, step screw, extended screw, color screw, torx plastic screw, carriage screw, socket head cap screw, hexagon head screw, self-tapping screw, wood screw,stainless steel screw, set screw, sport equipment supporting screw, furniture screw, scooter screw, and some screws in electron, electrical equipment, loudspeaker box, plastic, toy etc), step rivet, rivet with deep hole, thumb lock, axis core, lathe piece, stamping part and some other hardware accessories. Product in iron, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum etc can be done.
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Dong Guan GuTian Enterprise CO.,LTD.
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The printing industry, computer and electronics products of plastic accessories
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Dongguan Wurong Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
US-made of stainless steel screws, beads touch, positioning beads, stainless steel screws wave beads, ball plunger, spring plunger, stainless steel screws, hexagon screws US-made, plastic screws, handle screw, adjustment screw, ruled handle, stainless steel plate head screws, stainless steel countersunk head screws, stainless steel cross recessed pan head screws, stainless steel cross recessed countersunk head screws, stainless steel plug beat screws, stainless steel set screws, American tight set, US-made rings, screws, American Cup head screws, the United States, of circular cup screws; American flat glass screw
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HENN YANN Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
We offer the following products: 1. Nylon Ring 2. Nylon Flat Washer 3. Plastic Screw & Plastic Nut 4. Nylon Cap Nut 5. OEM / ODM Service (OEM / ODM cases accepted upon Request) Mold Design -> Mold Making -> Trial Manufacture -> Mess Manufacture -> Assembly -> Packaging
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wenzhou hongtuo fastener & hardware CO.,LTD
Main Products:
Wenzhou Hongtuo Hardware & Fastener Co.,Ltd is a scientific produces, packages and sales’ corporation. We have advanced production and packing equipment, the main products are all kinds of fastener , household hardware appliance, plastic product , all kinds of hooks and pictures , stationery and so on. There are more than two thousand series. The quality of products is high stability , and packing with PS 、PP、PVC、PE material , the surface style is very beautiful . Our most products are exported to Europe , North America , Southeast Asia and other country or district, the export percentage are 100%. Since our company found up , we have work up scientific and modernistic management system, we always insist“Quality First ,Pursue excellent”as our aim , in order to meet the demand from domestic and abroad market, we will continue to improve products quality, provide the best after service , we sincerely welcome old or new merchant from domestic or abroad to come visiting us
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Guangzhou Uxingt Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
The competitive products include: Furniture screw, fast thread screw, the furniture hex socket screw and its supporting hardwares, high-quality stainless steel screw, stainless steel environmental screw, ANSI 12.9 grade screw,hex socket screw, set screw, ANSI set screw, stainless steel set screw, ANSI stainless steel set screw, ANSI hex screw, hex screw with full thread, high-quality environmental stainless steel small screw(the specification includes: M1.0/M1.2/M1.4/M1.8/M2/M2.5/M3;The length ranges from 2 mm to 20mm).For stainless steel screw, we have material in 304, 316 and 316L. We can also manufacture nut, wire threaded insert, copper screw, copper fitting, plastic screw, chemical anchor, window rivet and non-standard turning parts.
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Fotsbon International Industry Limited
Main Products:
1.PEM standard self-clinching fasteners Self-clinching nuts, Self-clinching standoffs, Self-clinching studs and pins, Self-clinching standoffs and studs, pilot pins, keyhole standoffs, spring-top standoffs, panel fastener assemblies 2.DIN standard, ISO standard and GB/T standard A.Nuts Rivet nuts, hex nuts, lock nuts, cap nuts, square nuts, flange nuts, four-jaw nuts, K-nuts, inner and outer nuts, weld nuts, wing nuts, cage nuts B.Screws Self-tapping and self-drilling screws, machined wire, expansion screws, butterfly screws, set-up screws, combination screws, blind rivets, crown screws, knurled screws, screw bars, eyebolts, sheep eye self-tapping screws , butterfly screw, hexagon socket countersunk head screw C.Bolts Hexagon bolts, hexagonal flange bolts, hexagon socket head cap screws, semicircular head square neck bolts D.Sealing rings and gaskets Flat washers, spring washers, insulating washers, wave washers, E-rings E.Pins Elastic pins, cylindrical pins, threaded cylindrical pins, straight groove elastic cylindrical pins, rolled elastic cylindrical pins, tapered pins, groove pins, pins shaft, perforated pins, cotter pins F.Pressure riveting expansion screw: core expansion, expansion bolt, expansion pull hook, plastic rubber plug expansion tube, daughter rivet 3.Non-standard fasteners A.Copper fasteners: single-headed copper columns, double-headed copper columns, double-pass copper columns, hexagonal copper bolts, corn rivets, copper nuts, copper washers B.Non-standard custom series: To map custom samples 4.The tool series: rivet gun, riveting machine, hex wrench, tool set, drill bit 5.The simulation of thatch and other building materials series: PVC simulation thatch, PE simulation thatch, aluminum simulation thatch
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Chapellet Fasteners Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
More than 40,000 product references supplied worldwide, rapidly and reliably, covering major standards (ISO, DIN, NFE, ASTM, ANSI) and customer-specific special articles, class ranging from 4.6~12.9 and above. In addition, we had established strategic partnership with selected suppliers (Bollhoff, GFD, PSM, Raymond, Skiffy, Textron,…) to guarantee customer supply quality.
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Guangzhou Shangyi EIectronicTechnology CD.,LTD
Main Products:
ThePlastic screws, nuts plastics, nylon rivets, stationery deduction. Silver hot, hot foot pads, wiring and equipment, tree rivets, insulation separation column, aluminum-plastic film, with nickel batteries and other materials
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 86-020-32215081
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