shen zhen yaoda precise hardware co.,ltd
Main Products:
, specializing in the production of PEM SOUTHCO standard series of fasteners, not to take off the screw, spring screws, pressure riveting nut, pressure riveting screws, rivets, shaft, pin, pressure rivet stud, green copper nut, copper columns, plastic with forceps, panel fasteners, chassis riveting parts, fittings, nut, insert nut, extrusion nut, support card column, guide pin, guide pin, the nut, nut, locking screw play mother, floating nut, printer axis, ink axis. Camera shaft, pin, micro shaft, American standard (ANSI), British standard (BS), German standard (DIN) gb PEM standard copper nut, such as cell phone nut, embossing nut, hot melt nut, hot pressing nut, preparetions nut, ultrasonic nut, plastic nut, enchase nut, insert nut, copper, brass, copper column set, precision axis and non-standard screw nut, and other standards and non-standard fasteners, hardware, machinery parts processing, carriage bolts, screws, stainless steel screws, handle: network, industrial electric cabinet lock, chassis cabinet door lock locks, laptop locks, combination lock, etc.
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Main Products:
insulation case, MATS, nylon rivets, fixed deduction, chassis door buckle, plastic screws, plastic nut, wall plug, plastic, PC board spacing column , column spacing, LED column round spacing, LED light guide groove, PC board, PC board pull handle, quick clamp, nylon gaskets, button head, nylon cable tie, power cord clasp
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Shanghai JingYang Fastener Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
captive screws,Spring screws, self-clinching bolts, panel fasteners, weld nuts, thumb screws, self-tapping screws, blind rivets, screws, nuts, non-standards fasteners
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 18117266632
Yuyao Mingfeng Plastic Products Manufactory
Main Products:
Expansion bolts, heat preservation nails, sealing washers, plastic nuts,Nylon expansion bolts, nylon anchors
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shenzhen Koster Metal Products Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
self clinching nuts, standoffs, bolts; panel fasteners; inserts of plastic nuts; welding nuts; spot welding nuts; retractable screw; crown screws; tapping screw; ballooning fasteners. We also deal with various kinds of nonstandard fasteners in order to satisfy our customers.
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 86-755-27252907
Shanghai Bocast Hardware Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
plastic(nylon) rivet,plastic(nylon) screw,plastic(nylon) blind rivet,nylon bolt,plastic(nylon) nut,plastic(nylon) washer and shoulder washers bolt plastic insulation,hex nylon holder,column nylon cannula,POM(plastic) snap clip,nylon(plastic) orifice,nylon celerity rivet,plastic celerity bolt,plastic celerity latchstring and so on.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-69955480-805
HENN YANN Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
We offer the following products: 1. Nylon Ring 2. Nylon Flat Washer 3. Plastic Screw & Plastic Nut 4. Nylon Cap Nut 5. OEM / ODM Service (OEM / ODM cases accepted upon Request) Mold Design -> Mold Making -> Trial Manufacture -> Mess Manufacture -> Assembly -> Packaging
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Huida plastic retail, wholesale
Main Products:
Plastic packaging products * plastic processing * other plastic paper packaging products * electricity distribution of plastic fasteners, other rubber products, plastic fasteners; Plastic screw; Plastic nut; Rubber MATS; Nylon rivets; Nylon gaskets; Stick type fixed seat; Quick connector; Wiring equipment; Button type plug head: car interiors, furniture decoration: scope of the electronics industry:
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Main Products:
Dongguan Ouxing Hardware Factory Specialize in produsing all kinds of screw& nut,Which integrates R&D,Production,Sales and after sale services. We hv rich production experience,best production equipment,and outstanding technical personnel troop,With hard efforts and diligently innovation,We hv developped the specialized production factory in such short few years,winning much good comments and trust from our clients. Our products include rivet nut, for cornor nail,insert nut,Horizontal hole nut,Splint nut,Threaded insert,Hex nut,Clip nut,Iron nut,K nut,Plastic nut,Flange nut,Stainless steel rivet nut etc. Which are used in line like furniture, bike,Electric Car,Electric applicance,Light decoration,Car,Medical and Airline etc We aim at integrity,quality,specialization,innovation,service’asthe management purpose, Ouxing will continue hard working,to meet the virious markets requiremetns. Welcome new and old clients contact us for enquiry via Wechat,qq or Tel , Our all staff in Ouxing will wholeheartedly?provide the Best quality product and good service.
Country/Region: /GuangDong Tel : 13609663960
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