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Main Products:
GB879 Spring-type straight pins GB876 Tubular rivets GB119 Parallel pins DIN7344 Spring-type straight pins, coiled DIN7346 Spring-type straight pins,slotted, light duty DIN981 Round nuts DIN1481 Spring-type straight pins,slotted,heavy duty DIN471 Circlips (retaining rings)for shafts - Normal type and heavy type DIN472 Circlips (retaining rings) for bores - Normal type and heavy type DIN7340 Tubular rivets made from tube DIN1443 Clevis pins without head DIN7979 Parallel pins with internal thread,of hardened steel and martensitic stainless steel spring pin tubular rivet parallel pin
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Ningbo Yinzhou Dongming Stainless Steel Standard Component Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
BOLTS: DIN933,GB5783,DIN931,GB5782,DIN912,GB70,DIN7985,GB818,DIN965,GB819, DIN966,GB820,DIN7981,GB845,DIN7982,GB846,DIN975,GB15389,GB90,DIN916,GB80 NUTS: DIN934,GB6170,DIN439,GB6172,DIN6923,GB6177,DIN985,GB6182,DIN1587,GB923,DIN315,GB62,DIN928,GB/T13680,DIN929,GB/T13681,DIN557,GB39 RIVETS AND PINS: GB867, GB869, GB109, GB879, DIN94, GB91, GB117, GB119 WASHERS: DIN125, GB97, DIN433, GB848, DIN9021, GB96, DIN127, GB93, DIN6796, GB861.1, GB862.1, DIN6798, GB861.2, GB862.2, GB893, GB894, GB896 Cross recessed pan head tapping screws Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws Threaded rods Hexagon nuts,style 1 Hexagon thin nuts(chamfered) Hexagon nuts with flange Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts(with non-metallic insert),style 2 Acorn nuts Wing nuts Square weld nuts Hexagon weld nuts Square nuts-product grade C Round head rivets Countersunk head rivets Flat head rivets Spring-type straight pins Split pins Taper pins Parallel pins Plain washers Plain washers-small series-Product grade A Plain washers-Large series Single coil spring lock washers Normal type Lock washers internal teeth Serrated lock washers internal teeth Lock washers external teeth Serrated lock washers external teeth Circlips for holes Circlips for shaft “E”rings
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