Ningbo Junwei Fastener Co.,Ltd.
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Standards: As per ISO, DIN, ANSI/ASTM, AS, BS, JIS, Non-standard as Drawing or Samples Dimensions: M12-M100 / 1/2"-4" Items: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, thread rods Coatings: plain, black, zinc plated, nickel plated, etc. Main Products: A193 stud bolt hex bolt A194 hex nut A320 stud bolt hex bolt A453 stud bolt hex bolt hex nut A182 stud bolt hex bolt hex nut Monel 400, K500 stud bolt hex bolt hex nut Incoloy 625, 718, 925 stud bolt hex bolt hex nut Hastelloy stud bolt hex bolt Nickle stud bolt hex bolt Titanium stud bolt hex bolt hex nut
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Jiaxing Super Co., Ltd.
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DIN125A DIN127B DIN9021 DIN603 DIN934 DIN 985 DIN7505A Windows Screws Drywall Screws
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Washers: DIN125A, DIN125B, DIN9021, DIN126, DIN433, DIN434, DIN435, DIN436, DIN440, DIN1052, DIN1440, DIN1441, DIN6916, DIN7349, DIN7989, F436-04, SAE, USS, JIS, NFE25511, NFE25513, NFE25514, B1186, BS3410:1961, BS4320:1968, BS4395:1969, AS1252:1996, FENDER WASHER Various Stamping: manufacturing according to customers drawing
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Our main products are: Flat washers: BS, USS, SAE, DIN, NF, AS, F436 and non-standards according to customers’ requirement. Surface treatment: polished, hot dipped galvanized, nickel plated, zinc plated(in white, yellow, bright, colorful) Package according to customers’ requirement.
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Tiantai Jiuxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Stainless steel hex socket set screws, hex socket set screw with flat point, hex socket set screw with cone point, hex socket set screw with dog point, hex socket set screw with cup point
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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Lily Hardware Manufactory
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Hangzhou Xiaoshan lily Hardware Manufactory, established in 1995, has been involved in researching & developing; producing; exporting metal stamping products and pressed parts for over ten years. Factory is located at Hangzhou City where is well known for its beautiful scenery, besides, was central location of the Yangtze Delta, 2 hours drives way from Shanghai,It is very obvious transport advantage , Your visit will be warmly welcomed at all times! Over ten years since factory was founded, plenty of professional technical people were absorbed by and developed, they engaged in mould-researching & designing; improving &advancing technology. Our line consists of over 300 different types of stamping metal products owing to our sufficient experience, and meet with CE,GS Certificated. our capability and product range as below: 1.Stamping Materials: carbon steel (hot rolled,cold rolled,strip steel), stainless steel, aluminum, brass ,etc 2. stamping, punching, bending, welding, threading, grinding ,milling, machining, lathe,assembling etc. 3. finish: Anodizing, Powder-Coating, Zinc-Plated, Chrome coated ,Nickel Plated ,Hex Chromates Zinc, Rust-inhibiting oils, Electrophoresis, Paints and primers, blacking, etc 4. these parts are used in Automotive, Electrical, Building, Furniture, Machine assembly, Computer, Air industry. We adhere to the principle: "based on individual, surviving on quality, developing on integrity", have done business with a great deal of domestic and oversea customs, and obtained their satisfaction and trust. Since 2005.a large number of digital control stamping machine have been introduced, our production capacity is expanding sharply, as a result, Annual Sales Volume has reached US$ 4.5million. Our leading products: couplers, metal stamping parts, punching parts, welding component parts, design and made of Mould, hardware for furniture, clamps and fasteners, bracket parts, NdFeb magnet, and so on. OEM&ODM Service, Buyer Label, Design service were offered, any feed back from you are highly appreciated!
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Shenzhen city Baoan District Songgang metal materials sales department
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Shenzhen Tianyi metal materials production, sales of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, welding materials and integration:Stainless steel bar: a grinding rod, 1Crl7, black bar, rod, bar, six angle bars, light bars, rods, rod shaped, yuan steel, imports of easy cutting rod, 440B stainless steel, duplex stainless steel rods;Stainless steel strip type: tensile band, narrow band, the polishing belt, belt, packing belt; ( the surface is divided into: frosted face, drawing surface, 2B, No.1, BA industry of smooth surface ( 6K ) mirror, mirror ( 8K ); hardness is divided into: soft material, 1 / 2H, 1 / 4H, 3 / 4H, full of hard material, extra hard material ), with Baosteel, TISCO, South Korea, Japan and other materials;Stainless steel plate type: cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, plate, sheet, plate, industrial pattern plate, snow boards, flat, bending, drawing ( HL ) board, mirror 8K, BA board, 2B panel, NO.1 board, bipolar plate;Stainless steel wire: Japan fine lines, Han Guoqin steel wire, string with the German piano wire, screws wire, spring wire (hard bright lines, the hard line, fog surface line ), bright line ( hard lines, hard light, vehicle axis ), soft ( hydrogen retreat wire ), product line,, electrolytic wire, cold pier line, wire rope.Stainless steel pipe: seamless pipe, welded pipe, capillary, polished pipe, decorative tubes, industrial tubes, flat tube, pipe, sanitary pipe, two phase pipe;Stainless steel angle steel, channel steel, profiles: flat, square steel, I-steel, screw steel, steel nail, solid ball, hollow ball, flange, stainless steel materials. Material 304, 303, 303Cu, 304L, 316L, 309S, 316, 321, 305, 310, 310S, 301, 302, 201, 202, SUS301, SUS302, SUS303, SU304, SUS316, SUS310, SUS321, 440B, 2205. Our agents at the same time the distribution of imports of materials in line with international standards such as JIS japan. Imported materials Nippon Steel, Kobe Steel, such as South Korea and Pohang. Stainless steel welding, brazing, aluminum welding, imported wire rod. Can also be based on the needs of different users, ordered to undertake various special custom specifications profiled steel, copper, aluminum. We will be the most preferential prices, the most high quality materials, the most excellent services to meet your needs!OFC: TU0, TU1, TU2Phosphorus deoxidized copper: TP1, TP2Copper: T1 ( 1020), T2 ( c1100 ), T3 ( c1221 ),Silver copper: TAg0.1 ( C11600 )Brass: H59 ( C2800 ), H62 ( c2720 ), H63 ( c2720 ), H65 ( c2720 ), H68 ( C2680 ), H70 ( c2600 ), H80 ( c2400 ), H85 ( c2300 ), H90 ( c2200 ), H96 ( C2100 ),Lead brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, chromium zirconium copper, beryllium bronze;The United States of America site of copper, copper alloy swissmetal in Switzerland, Japan Mitsubishi, Japan NGK copper, beryllium copper strip, tin bronze belt, high precision and general degree of brass, phosphor bronze strip. Brands include: C26000, C26800, C27000, C28000, C3604BD, C51000, C53200, C52400, C73200, C7521, C60600, C61000, C62400, C63000, C65500, C65100, C70260, C70400, C70600, C71000Aluminum:Aluminum is aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum tubes, aluminum strip, aluminum, materials are: 5056, 5052, 5050, 6061-T3, 6061-T5, 6061-T6, 6063-T3, 6063-T5, 6063-T6, LF10, LY11, LY12, 1100, 1060, 1070, 5356, 7005, 7009, 7075, 2011, 2017, 2024, 3003, 5005, 6011, 6082, 7003, various sections, non-standard can be customized.Imports of South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Sumitomo India 1050, 5052, 6061, 6065, 6063, 7075 aluminum, the United States ACA-9110B, the United States, 505 aluminum, an aluminum Germany 320G, 1080.My company in good faith-based, refine on business philosophy, departments and orderly manner according to strict quality control procedures for the provisions of the operation, from product development to production and factory and other aspects of strict, so that the user satisfaction assured. At the same time, also emphasized that the technology products and technical services, and after sale service, all-round diversification to meet the needs of the market.Give me your details, grasp the target!We warmly for your service, sincerely look forward to your calls. We believe that more partners, more business opportunities for cooperation!
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Liaocheng huabao Fastener
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