Main Products:
Our company mainly produces wheel nut,Long nut,Flange nut,Hex nut, Cap nut, Nylon insert lock nut ,Welded nut, etc. according to DIN, JIS, ANSI, BS standard and non-standard as well.
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Haiyan Pufa Metal Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Threaded rods,Special threaded rods and packing,Bolts,Hex Nuts,Screws,Washers,Materials nuts: hex long nut, hex flange nut, spring nut, square nut, hex cap nut, wing nut, nylon insert nut, hex nut bolts: hex flange bolt, hex bolt, special boot, anchor bolt, T bolt, U bolt screws: hex head screw, flat head self-tapping screw, pan head screw, philips head screw, furniture screw, machine screw, eye screw, hanger bolt, dowel screw, closed end blind rivets, roofing nail washers: thick flat washer,spring washer
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Wenzhou Liandu Fastener Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Nut:Welding Nuts,Wing Nuts,Nylon Self-locking Nut,Round Nuts,Acorn Nuts,Slotted Nuts,Square Nuts,Long Nuts,Hex Nuts,Flange Nuts,Eye Nuts,Stainless Steel Nuts Bolts:Hex Bolts,Hexagon Socket Bolts,Carriage Bolts,T-shaped Bolts,Flange Bolts,Eye Bolts,Countersunk Head Screws,U-shaped bolts Washers:Spring Washers,Washers,Plain Washer Screw:Blind Rivets,Self-drilling Screw Philips cross,recessed pan head screw,ANSI,Coarse Thread Hexagon Screws,Machine Screws,Hexagon Socket Screws
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Zhengbang Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
hex nuts,DIN125A ,DIN9021,USS,SAE,NFE ,DIN127B,DIN7980 and so on. hex head bolt threaded rods:DIN975, DIN976. Bolt: DIN931, DIN933, DIN963, drywall screw, chipboard screw, coil nail. nut: DIN934, DIN985, DIN1587. Chians: The products include: fasteners: Hex bolts, Stud bolts,hex nuts, cap nuts, lock nuts, slotted nuts, heavy nuts, long nuts, flat washers, spring washers, chains, turnbuckles, thimbles; stamping parts, folding bending parts, drawn parts; non-standard mechanical parts, turning, CNC machining and other precision metal parts;
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Ningbo Weli Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
·Bolts ·Hex Bolts ·U Bolts ·Round Head Oval Neck Bolts ·Threaded Rods&Studs ·Screws ·GuardRail Bolts ·Machine Screws ·Roofing Screws ·Coach Screws ·Set Screws ·Socket Countersunk Head Screws ·Socket Head Cap Screws ·Nuts ·Hex Nuts ·Flange Nuts ·Wing Nuts ·Spring Nuts ·Cap Nuts ·Nylon Lock Nuts ·Hex Long Nuts ·Hex Thin Nuts ·Washers ·Spring Washers ·Flat Washers ·Anchors ·Drop in Anchors ·Anchor Bolts ·Non-standard series ·Non-standard fastener ·Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts
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Haiyan JK Fastener Manufactory
Main Products:
all kinds of threaded rods in different types of standard steels, hex furniture nuts, and non-standard fasteners, DIN 975, DIN976, DIN6334. The products are mainly used in machines and construction industry.
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Cixi Jingeng Fastener Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Anchor bolts, bolt anchors; Chemical anchor studs; Frame anchors; Drop in and cut anchors; Hit anchors; Wedge anchors, through bolt; Sleeve Anchors; Hollow wall anchors; Hook anchors; Other Anchors; Expansion Anchors; Nylon hammer fixing Anchors, Nylon Nail anchors; Coupling nuts; Heavy duty shell anchors; Cold forged non-standard;
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Redwoods Fasteners International Limited
Main Products:
Welding type Nuts in Round Square Hexagon Flange Shape Hex Jam Nuts All-Metal prevailing Torque Type Nuts Self Locking Nuts Sliding Nuts Flange Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Conical Washer Nuts Long Nuts (Coupling Nuts) Square Jam Nuts Pipe Nuts Acorn Cap Nuts Special Nuts made to drawings or samples Bicycle Components
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Dongtai Dongchang Stainless Steel Products Factory
Main Products:
The main production of extra long stainless steel outer hexagonal bolts DIN933/DIN931, DIN912 / GB70 long internal hexagonal cylindrical head bolts, GB897/GB898/GB899/GB900/GB901 double head bolts, T-shaped bolts GB37, square head GB8/GB35, active GB-section bolts, GB798 ring, hanging rings GB825, flat round head square neck bolt DIN603 GB12(carriage bolt), plum groove column anti-theft bolt, expansion bolt JB-ZQ4763(internal expansion, external expansion, hexagonal expansion), chemical bolt, U-shaped bolt DIN 3570, teeth strips DIN976, fully threaded small teeth Wait. Various types of screw, GB830, GB831, GB833, GB834, GB835. GB836. GB838
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