Beijing Xintianyun Fasteners Co., Ltd
Main Products:
General fasteners, import alloy steel fasteners, rivet fasteners, steel structure fasteners, plastic fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, Titanium alloy fasteners, copper fasteners, aluminum fasteners, chemical anchor bolts, embedding rubbers, coils, self-locking screws, mini precise electronic screws, products with a variety of designs and non-standard fasteners. Surface Treatment: White Zinc, Yellow Zinc and Dacromet, etc.
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Shanghai Appropriate and Inexpensive Fastener Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Professional locking screw; Locking screw processing; Fastener locking handle; Fasteners glue; Fasteners glue; Locking screw. 180 degrees locking screw; Blue locking screw; Locking screw processing; Fastener locking handle; Fasteners glue; Fasteners glue; Locking screw. 180 degrees locking screw; Blue locking screw; Locking screw processing;
Country/Region: /Shanghai Tel : 13585977342,021-58221227,15990387796
shen zhen yaoda precise hardware co.,ltd
Main Products:
, specializing in the production of PEM SOUTHCO standard series of fasteners, not to take off the screw, spring screws, pressure riveting nut, pressure riveting screws, rivets, shaft, pin, pressure rivet stud, green copper nut, copper columns, plastic with forceps, panel fasteners, chassis riveting parts, fittings, nut, insert nut, extrusion nut, support card column, guide pin, guide pin, the nut, nut, locking screw play mother, floating nut, printer axis, ink axis. Camera shaft, pin, micro shaft, American standard (ANSI), British standard (BS), German standard (DIN) gb PEM standard copper nut, such as cell phone nut, embossing nut, hot melt nut, hot pressing nut, preparetions nut, ultrasonic nut, plastic nut, enchase nut, insert nut, copper, brass, copper column set, precision axis and non-standard screw nut, and other standards and non-standard fasteners, hardware, machinery parts processing, carriage bolts, screws, stainless steel screws, handle: network, industrial electric cabinet lock, chassis cabinet door lock locks, laptop locks, combination lock, etc.
Country/Region: china/Guangdong Tel : 86-755-21052548,29533365
Wenzhou Jinyu Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Cross recessed countersunk (flat) head tapping screws(common head style)-ISO 7050 | Replace DIN 7982 Cross recessed raised countersunk (oval) head tapping screws-ISO 7051 | Replace DIN 7983 Tapping screw and washer assemblies with plain washers(ISO 10510l:1999) Cross recessed pan head tapping screws with collar-DIN 968 Cross recessed pan head tapping screws-ISO 7049 | Replace DIN 7981 Hexagon washer head tapping screws-DIN 6928 Weld screws with metric head-DIN 34817 Steel hexalobular head bolts with small flange-DIN 34800 Steel hexalobular head bolts with large flange-DIN 34801 Hexagon bolts with flange - Small series (ISO/DIS 15071:1996,modified) Hexagon bolts with flange - Heavy series-DIN EN 1665 | Replace DIN 6921|DIN 6922 Product grade A cross recessed pan head screws with collar-DIN 967 Pan head screws with type H or type Z cross recess-Product grade A(ISO 7054:1994) Countersunk raised head screws (common head style) with type H or type Z cross recess-Product grade A(ISO 7047:1994) Plain washers for tapping screw and washer assemblies - Normal and large series - Product grade A (ISO 10669:1999) SEMS Screws self-tapping screws, machine screws, self-tapping locking screws, SEMS screws, hex flange bolts, weld screws, non-standard screws
Country/Region: CHINA/AnHui Tel : 0553-8127277,13676771085 ,
Beijing Zhongrong Sandardpece Sales Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Beijing Shengleite Fastener Co. Ltd. mainly produces and sells high quality bolts, nuts, screws, drawn wire and other off-standard specific fasteners, which are according to GB、ANSI、DIN、UNI、JIS and ISO standards .
Country/Region: china/Beijing Tel : 010-87611355,87611356
Foshan Qiaoyi Hardware and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
all kinds of precision machine screw, self tapping screw, thread-forming screw, self tapping assembly screw, machine silk screw, machine silk locking screw, machine silk assembly screw and other non-standard fasteners products
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0757-85223306 86305830 86318938
Main Products:
Screw rivet nuts rivets washers stamping parts other fasteners
Country/Region: china/Guangdong Tel : 0756-3628809
China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.
Main Products:
Bolts, screws, studs, self-locking screws, self-locking nuts, rivets, pins, washers and non-standard fastener; more than 300 standards; specifications: M1.6~M24, MJ1.6~MJ24; more than 100 kinds of material material: carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, brass alloy, titanium alloy (TC4-Ti-6AI-4V;TB3-Ti-10Mo-8V-1fe-3,5AI;TC16-Ti-3AI-5Mo-4,5V;TA1-Ti-4, etc.), high-temperature alloy(Inconel718;GH2132-A286,UNSS66286,P.Q.A286;GH4169-Inconel718;GH738-Waspaloy;GH696-Fe-25Ni-12Cr), etc.
Country/Region: China/Henan Tel : 0376-6379866,6320119
Jiaxing Guangjia Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
high quality GB, ANSI, DIN, UNI, ISO bolts, nuts, screws, washers, weld screws, weld studs and custom-made non-standard fasteners
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-84282011
Hangzhou henggu trade co.
Main Products:
Bolts, screws, nuts, spring washers, precise springs, cotter pins, flat keys, bearings without oil lubricating, stainless screws, copper screws, aluminum screws, and various kinds of non-standard fasteners
Country/Region: china hangzhou/Zhejiang Tel : 0571-28911767,13018945250
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