Shanghai Herrajes Industry Co., Ltd
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Square Head Bolts, Hex Bolts, Threaded Rods, Square Nuts, Square Washer, Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, Insulator Pins, Spring Pins, Lock Pins
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Ann lean standard parts plant
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Bolt: Copper iron stainless steel hex bolt square head bolt Heavy hex flange bolt head square neck bolt round head party strength bolt anchor bolt t-slot bolted eyelet bolt hexagon articulation hole bolt steam standard all kinds of high strength bolt and non-standard parts with large bolts kind to plans to build expertise Nut: Copper iron aluminum stainless steel hexagonal nut nylon lock nut combination cushion cap nut Hex flange nut slotted thin nut round nut metal lock nut Person is nut welding nut welding hexagonal nut the butterfly nut ring nut rings nut automotive stamping wheel nut combination nut cone nut spherical wheel flange nuts and non-standard nut kind to plans to build Screw type: Cylinder head screw pan head screw countersunk head screw Slot oval head screw socket head screw inside plum blossom screws tight set screw to heavy lifting bolt and other special screws Rivet class: All kinds of copper iron aluminum round head rivet Oval head rivet Countersunk rivet Flat cone head rivet core pulling rivets Oval head rivet, etc Gasket: flat washer big heavy gaskets gasket type: standard spring washer Light spring washer Waveform spring washer Beams with oblique gasket channel steel with the washer Lock washer with only one ear Ears check washer Lock washer with tongue Round nut washer Inside and outside the tooth lock washer Taper lock washer Hole with elastic ring shaft with elastic ring Tapping class: Cross pan head tapping Countersunk head tapping Oval head tapping Hexagon head tapping Self-tapping locking The drilling and tapping Wallboard tapping Hex flange tapping and non-standard pieces Wood screw: Slot round head wood screws Slot countersunk head wood screws Hexagon head wood screws The round head wood screws The countersunk head wood screws The countersunk head wood screws, etc Pin: Cotter pin R pin lock pin cone cylindrical pin elastic cylindrical pin pin, etc Assembly: Steel structure with high strength steel structure with high strength hex bolt and nut washer and various kinds of pan head two combinations Three assembly, hexagonal combination of three assembly two tapping assembly etc. Company also agent all kinds of hardware measuring tool through check gauge die wrench caliper and other hardware tools.
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spring lock washer,spring washer:DIN127A,DIN127B,DIN137,DIN7980,JIS,GB93,GB7244,ANSI B 18.21.1,B.S.,...... double spring lock washer:FE6 used in railway industry. cotter pin,split pins:DIN94,ANSI B 18.8.1,ANSI A 18.8.1,ISO1234,GB91,B.S....... spring cotter,hair pin lock pin,R type pins:DIN11024,IFI...... flat washer:DIN125; linch pin,lynch pin,quick release pin,wire lock pins.
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HKS Co.Ltd
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quick release pins ball lock pins detent pins self lock pin
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Changzhou Chuangde Machinery Co., Ltd.
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We produce 300 series stainless steel ball lock pin as it works in most applications, and 17-4Ph or 4130 Alloy steel ball lock pin as they possess high tensile strenght and be applied hard circumstances.
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Ningbo Beilun Fast Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
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This is Rita from Ningbo Beilun Fast Metal Mold Technology Co., Ltd. We are a professional manufacture Lynch Pin , we can supply as follows : DIN11023 Lynch Pin ,linch pin , Wire Lock Pins , lock pin Pins Material: Carbon Steel (8#-------20#) / Stainless Steel Wires Material: Spring Steel Surface Dealt: Yellow zinc plated or zinc plated Reference M range: M4.5-M12 Reference Length: 30mm-90mm All size or produce according with your request In order to meet the requirements of all customers,we own all kinds of production equipment and testing apparatus, and a perfect system of quality guarantee. We have a high quality employee team owning professional technique with fine affection and innovation. More new products information please visit our website at . looking forward to your enquiry ! Best regards Rita Duan ======================================================== Ningbo Beilun Fast Metal Mold Technology Co., Ltd. NO.408.ZHENDA ROAD.DAQI TOWN,BEILUN,NINGBO,CHINA Ph: 0086-574-86113990 Fax: 0086-574-56877402 WEB: Mobil : 86-013757401994 Email: MSN:  Skype: nbfast =========================================================
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Riteon Corp., Ltd.
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quick release pin, ball lock pin, detent pin, self lock pin,positive lock pin, spring plungers, indexing plunger pin
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