Shenzhen Langgu Precision Hardware Co.,Ltd.
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1. Cold piercing rivet nut series: S, CLS, CLA, SP, specifications from M2 to M10, material: environmental protection iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper 2. Cold piercing riveting screws / welding screws series: FH, FHA, FHS, FHL, FH4, HFH, TFH, one-point welding nails, three-point welding nails, etc. 3. Automatic lathe parts series: captive screws / panel screws, crown screws, countersunk screws / nuts (CHC, CEHC, CSS, CSOS), cassette nuts (FN), floating nuts / square nuts, pull-rivet nuts, hand tighten Screws, guide pins / posts, waterproof nuts, etc. 4.CNC precision hardware parts: long shafts, pins, special-shaped turning parts, etc.
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shen zhen yaoda precise hardware co.,ltd
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, specializing in the production of PEM SOUTHCO standard series of fasteners, not to take off the screw, spring screws, pressure riveting nut, pressure riveting screws, rivets, shaft, pin, pressure rivet stud, green copper nut, copper columns, plastic with forceps, panel fasteners, chassis riveting parts, fittings, nut, insert nut, extrusion nut, support card column, guide pin, guide pin, the nut, nut, locking screw play mother, floating nut, printer axis, ink axis. Camera shaft, pin, micro shaft, American standard (ANSI), British standard (BS), German standard (DIN) gb PEM standard copper nut, such as cell phone nut, embossing nut, hot melt nut, hot pressing nut, preparetions nut, ultrasonic nut, plastic nut, enchase nut, insert nut, copper, brass, copper column set, precision axis and non-standard screw nut, and other standards and non-standard fasteners, hardware, machinery parts processing, carriage bolts, screws, stainless steel screws, handle: network, industrial electric cabinet lock, chassis cabinet door lock locks, laptop locks, combination lock, etc.
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Shijiazhuang Eternal Technology Co., Ltd
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Clinching nuts, rivet stud pressure riveting screws, cage nuts, rose riveting nut, pull rivet nuts, crown screws, wire thread insert, Accuride rails, rivet nut installation tools, manual pull rivet nut gun, pneumaticpull rivet nut gun, captive screws
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self-clinching fasteners self-clinching nuts self-clinching studs self-clinching standoffs panel fasteners floating fasteners captive fasteners self-locking fasteners pem fasteners riveting nuts floating nuts
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Ningbo Dongxiang Accuracy Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Broaching nuts, self-locking nuts, flate-in nuts, floating nuts, flush nuts, self-clinching nuts, grounding standoffs, keyhole standoffs, broaching standoffs, spring pins, assembly screws, blind rivets, embedded screws, self-clinching screws Non-standard series: Brass nuts, precise nylon parts, precise aluminum components, precise parts of iron, brass, etc.
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Main Products:
Shenzhen xiongbo hardware electronic co., LTD mainly supply the following pressure riveting products, because many specifications listed in this part, for details, please contact us! 1. The pressure riveting nut type: S, CLS, CLA, SP, SMPS 2. The pressure riveting screw type: FH, the FHS, FH4, TFH, TFHS, HFH, HFHS, HFHB Solved 3. Pressure riveting nut column type: BSO, BSOS, BSO4, BSOA, SO, SOO, SOS, SO4, TSO, TSOS, TSOA 4. The sealing nut column type: B, BS 5. Hexagonal pressure riveting screw type: NFH, NFHS 6. Working pressure riveting screw type: CHA, CHC, CFHA, CFHC 7. Counter nut column type: CSS. CSOS 8. Circle headdress flower types: pressure riveting nut column DSO, DSOS 9. Rose riveting nut type: Z, ZS, NZ, NZS 10. Insert nut type: F 11. Guide pin type: TPS 12. Positioning column type: between SKC 13. Support card column types: SSA, SSS, SSC 14. Since the lock nut type: U, UL, FE, FEX, FEO, FEOX, LK, LKS, PL, PLC 15. The floating nut type: AS, AC, LAS, LAC 16. The spring screw (spring screw loose not to take off) type: PF31, PF32, PF41, PF42, PF51, PF52, PF09, PF10, PFC2, PFC2P, PF11, PF12, PF21, PF22 17. Stored energy welding screw 18. The stored energy welding stud 19. The crown screw 20. Non-standard parts Complete specifications, price concessions, quality assurance. Welcome various merchants to contact us.
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Xin Yong Chang Metal Works CO. Ltd.
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PEM standard fasteners—Screws, nuts, assemblies, riveted nuts, riveted standoffs、riveted studs, spring screws, cover screws, standoffs, position pins, floating nuts, flush nuts, self-locking nuts, plastic inserts, ground standoffs, self-locking bolts
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Qingdao Shengxiong Trading Co., Ltd
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Self-clinching Fasteners Panes studs and floating nuts are broadly applied to panel, plug box, apparatus and meters. Standard Fasteners Standard fasteners of all strength levels are applied to many industries. Rivets Rivets, nuts of different head styles and materials, mainly applied to panel fastening and thread making of enclosure. Pressing Fasteners Pressing fasteners, including flat washers, spring washers, snap rings and snap nuts, etc, are mainly produced to fulfill accessory fastening needs. Non-standard Fasteners Non-standard fasteners can be designed and produced in accordance with customers’ drawings and special requirements.
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GuangZhou Ke Mei Long Hardware Co,Ltd.
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Blind rivet nuts ,Blind rivet bolts ,Blind rivets , Extrusion rivet nuts , Floating nuts , punched rod studs ,in our company, which is the series products that have very strong cohesion and safe.
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Rivet nut, rivet studs, pressure riveting screws, rivet nuts, steel screw, nuts, crown screw, knurled screw, rivet nuts and other fasteners PEM gun.
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