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B7 Threaded Rods(M5-M48); Washer(M5-M48): Split washer,Cut washer, SAE washer, Fender washer, F436 Square Washer, Lock Washer, Flat Washer Nut(M3-M64): Heavy Square Nuts, Machine Screws , Prevailing-Torque Type Hex Flange Nuts, Wing Nut, Acorn Nut, Hex Jam Nut, Nylon Insert Lock Nut Bolt: Square Bolt, Round Head Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Hex Head Machine Bolt , Hex Flange Bolt, Hex Lag screw, Hex Cap Screw (Grade2,5), A325 Structural Bolt Drywall Screw
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Shanghai Xinlei Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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We just feel very pleased to obtain your information and are writing to you to try to win some business opportunities. We are very professional factory in producing washers, stamped parts & turned parts in China. Our key products are as follows: 1. Flat Washers: Din125A,,Din126,Din433,Din434,Din435,Din436,Din440,Din6916,Din7349,Din7989, Din1052 Din1440 Din1441 Din9021,F436,BS3410,BS4320,Fender Washer Din127B Din7980 SAE USS NFE25513 NFE25514 2. External Tooth Locking Washer & Internal Tooth Locking Washer; 3. Retaining Rings-Din471,Din472,Din6796 Din6798 A(J) Din6797J Din7967. 4. Cup Washers, Contact Washer; Screw Cups; 5. Stamping parts, Brackets. 6. Turned Parts. 7.Special parts as per drawings & samples. We are also good at Brass Plain Washer & Copper Washer with Tin/Silver Finish. Various materials and finishes could be available according to your detailed requirements. I am sure you are suffering from finance recession, so I think you need better prices and services to support you business. We would like to try to become one of your most valuable suppliers in China. And I am sure you will benefit from working with us!
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The detailed Range of Products For DIN Standard is as follow 1. FLAT WASHER:DIN125 / DIN9021 / DIN440 / F436 / DIN6916 2. NUT:DIN934 / DIN936 / DIN6923 / DIN985 3. BOLT:DIN933 / DIN931 / DIN603 / DIN6914 / Anchor Bolt 4. SCREW:DIN84 / DIN85 / DIN963 / DIN965 / DIN966 / DIN7985 /DIN7981 / DIN7982 / DIN7505 / DRYWALL SCREW , ect. 5. THREAD ROD:DIN976 / DIN975 6. ANCHORS:DROP IN ANCHOR / SLEEVE ANCHOR / WEDGE ANCHOR /METAL FRAME ANCHOR / SHIELD ANCHOR, ect. 7. OTHERS:RIVET / CLAMPS / DRAWER SLIDE / SHELF SUPPORT / STAMPING PRODUCT, ect. We supplying steel fasteners of general grade(4.8/6.8) and high tensile strength(grade 8.8/10.9/12.9) in large quantities, and also provide fasterners made of Brass, Aluminum,Stainless Steel and various alloy etc.
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Washers: DIN125A, DIN125B, DIN9021, DIN126, DIN433, DIN434, DIN435, DIN436, DIN440, DIN1052, DIN1440, DIN1441, DIN6916, DIN7349, DIN7989, F436-04, SAE, USS, JIS, NFE25511, NFE25513, NFE25514, B1186, BS3410:1961, BS4320:1968, BS4395:1969, AS1252:1996, FENDER WASHER Various Stamping: manufacturing according to customers drawing
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Jiangsu Zhangyu Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
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(1) Metal products: Flat/Spring/Locked Washer,etc.(2) Products series: ISO,DIN,USS,CSA,SNZ,GOST,JIS,NFE,BS,AS,SAE, Non-standard. (3) Materials: Stainless/Steel/Iron,including A2,A4,low carbon steel,45#,50#,65Mn.etc,(4) Surfacetreatment: Polished,Nigrescenced,Galvanized zinc,Phosphided.etc.
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Ningbo Fullfast Metalworks Co.,Ltd manufacturer and export products include various different specifications and types: STUD BOLTS, THREADED RODS,ROUND BARS,COMBO STUD,TAP END STUD BOLT. ASTM 193 Gr. B7/B7M/B8/B8M ,.ASTM A320 Gr.L7/L7M/B8/B8M ETC. DIN975/976 CLASS 8.8,10.9,12.9 HEX BOLTS,HEAVY HEX BOLTS,STRUCTURAL BOLTS,HEX SOCKET CAP SCREWS,FLANGE BOLTS,TRACK BOLTS,CARRIAGE BOLTS. ASTM A325/490 TYPE-1,ASTM A325M/A490M FULL THREADED, ASTM J429 Gr.2/5/8 ASTM A394 TYPE-0/1 ASTM A307 A/B DIN931/933/912/6921 CLASS 4.6/8.8/10.9/12.9 DIN6914 10.9HV , DIN603 CLASS 4.8/8.8/10.9 HEX NUTS,HEAVY HEX NUTS, FLANGE NUTS, SQUARE NUTS. ASTM A194 Gr.2H/2HM/7L/7M/4L/4M/8/8M ASTM A563 A/C/DH,ASTM A563M 10S DIN934/6923/985 CALSS 4/6/8/10/12,DIN6915CLASS 10HV FLAT WASHERS, SPRING WASHERS, ASTM F436/F436M ASTM F959/959M ASME B18.22.1 SAE/USS FENDER WASHERS,IFI L-9 DIN125A/ISO7089,DIN9021,DIN127B DIN69 10HV SPECIAL FASTENERS AND OTHER VARIOUS METAL PARTS. T HEAD BOLTS.ANCHOR BOLTS,STAMPING PARTS To provide customers with competitive price ,good quality ,prompt delivery and perfect service has always been our everlasting pursuit and solemn promise. Sincerely welcome you to our company and contact us.
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