Foshan Zhengli Hardwares Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
stainless steel screw,set screw,screw with ANSI,expasion bolt,thumb screw,stub,nut,cap nut,stainless nut,nut with ANSI,thumb nut,nylon nut,hex screw,machine screw,washer
Country/Region: GuangdongGuangZhou/Guangdong Tel : 0757- 89953539 89953568
Shanghai YunDing Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Bolts: hex bolts, hex flange bolts, socket cap screws, eye bolts, expansion bolts, socket countersunk screws, socket pan screws, carriage bolts, stud bolts, wing screws, eyelet bolts, anchor bolts, U bolts, square bolts, etc. Nuts: rivet nuts, eye nuts, hex nuts, hex thick nuts, hex thin nuts, nylon lock nuts, metal lock nuts, hex flange nuts, wing nuts, cap nuts, round nuts, square nuts, square weld nuts, hex weld nuts, hex slotted nuts, pipe nuts, etc. Washers: flat washers, wave washers, saddle washers, spring washers, split washer, circlip for shaft, circlip for hole, internal-external tooth lock washers, square washers, etc. Screws: pan head tapping screws, countersunk head tapping screws, mushroom head tapping screws, pan head machine screws, countersunk head machine screws, drilling screws, hex wood screws, tri-lobular tapping screws, all kinds of SEM screws Other: weld screws, pulling rivets, rods, chemical anchor bolts, Heli-Coil inserts, hose clamp, split pins, lock screws, spring-type straight pins, straight pins, taper pins, flat round head rivets, flat rivets, countersunk head rivets, round head rivets, hex socket set screws with flat point, hex socket set screws with cone point, hex socket set screws with cup point, turnbuckles, non-standard fasteners Other material series: nylok screws, titanium screws, copper screws, electronic screws, green screws, nylon screws, etc.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-59543592
Pinghu Xiongfeng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Nuts: eye nuts, hex flange nuts, cap nuts, four claw nuts and brass nuts. Washers: square washers, external tooth washers, taper washer, chamfered washer and brass washer. hexagon spanner, eye bolts
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-85921338,85930578,13706738079
Taizhou Huaxin Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
rigging hardware, eye bolts, eye nuts, turnbuckles, shackles, snap hooks, quick links, wing nuts, bow nuts, wire rope clips, thimbles, swivels
Country/Region: /JiangSu Tel : 0523-83789258
Shanghai Herrajes Industry Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Square Head Bolts, Hex Bolts, Threaded Rods, Square Nuts, Square Washer, Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, Insulator Pins, Spring Pins, Lock Pins
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-56689666
Wenzhou City Leilishi Stainless Steel Standard Fastener Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Stainless steel U-bolts, stainless steel wing nuts, stainless steel hexagon, stainless steel non-standard fasteners, stainless steel double countersunk head, stainless steel trapezoidal bolts and non-standard parts, stainless steel expansion bolts, stainless steel clevis pins with head, stainless steel inserts, stainless steel plain cushion and spring cushion, stainless steel GB923-86, stainless steel eye nuts, stainless steel tapping nails, stainless steel tapping screws, stainless steel nuts, stainless steel set bolts with cone, flange bolts, stainless steel eye bolts and non-standard parts, stainless steel tapping nails with various kinds of heads and stainless steel non-standard parts.
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 86-577-86888828,86878968,86376967,86871896,1...
Suzhou Screw Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
Main Products Bolt: Hex Bolt, Square Bolt, Step Bolt (Semi-Round Head, Round Head, Countersunk Head) Screw: Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Screw, T Screw, SEM Screw, Step Screw, Hex Wood Screw, Round Head Screw, Machine Screw (Cross Recessed Countersunk Head, Cross Recessed Semi-Countersunk Head, Hex Round Head), Hex Set Screw (with Cone Point, Round Point, Flat Point) Self-Drilling Screw: Hex Self-Drilling Screw with Washer, Hex Flange Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Pan Head Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Semi-Countersunk Head Self-Drilling Screw, Cross Recessed Round Head Self-Drilling Screw with Washer, and other stainless steel fasteners Self-Tapping Screw: Hexagon Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws with Self-Tapping Screw Thread, Self-Tapping Screw (Pan Head, Semi-Round Head, Truss Head, Flat Head), Cross Recessed Self-Tapping Screw (Truss Head, Pan Head, Countersunk Head, Semi-Countersunk Head) Nut: Acorn Nut, Square Nut, Hex Acorn Thick Nut, Nylon Nut, Eye Nut Washer: Spring Washer, Flat Washer Threaded Rod, Copper Cutting Part and other stainless steel fasteners and non-standard fasteners
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 0512-69209880/1/2
Richi Machinery and Parts Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Richi Machinery and Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter specialized in fasteners and bearings. We started our export business when we were established in 1999. Our annual export amount is over USD3,500,000. Our main export markets are Asia, South America and Europe. We offer fasteners made to ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS standards, or to special requirements. Various plated finishes are available, such as zinc plated (bright color or yellow color), hot dip galvanizing, and chemical blackening. Our most competitive products are various nuts, such as hex nuts, flange nuts, cap nuts, nylon lock nuts, eye bolts and eye nuts, wing nuts, spring washers and plain washers. We also offer various miniature and small deep groove ball bearings (Z, ZZ, RS, 2RS) and tapered roller bearings. Especially we can supply small deep groove ball bearings in carbon steel and chrome steel. If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to forming business relations with customers from all over the world.
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0513-85153359
Ningbo Weli Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
·Bolts ·Hex Bolts ·U Bolts ·Round Head Oval Neck Bolts ·Threaded Rods&Studs ·Screws ·GuardRail Bolts ·Machine Screws ·Roofing Screws ·Coach Screws ·Set Screws ·Socket Countersunk Head Screws ·Socket Head Cap Screws ·Nuts ·Hex Nuts ·Flange Nuts ·Wing Nuts ·Spring Nuts ·Cap Nuts ·Nylon Lock Nuts ·Hex Long Nuts ·Hex Thin Nuts ·Washers ·Spring Washers ·Flat Washers ·Anchors ·Drop in Anchors ·Anchor Bolts ·Non-standard series ·Non-standard fastener ·Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 86-574-86305053
NingBo Hardon International Trade Co.,Ltd. (NingBo Dingye Fastener MFG Co.,Ltd)
Main Products:
Carbon steel & Stainless steel Nuts Shape: Hexagon Nuts, Nylon insert lock Nuts, all metal insert locking Nuts, Domed Cap Nuts, Acorn Cap Nuts, Flange Nuts, Square Nuts, Weld Nuts, Round Nuts, Lifting nuts ,Eye Nuts, Slotted nuts , Castle Nuts, Chain roller, Other special Nuts or machine Parts upon Customer's request and their drawing or sample; ASTM, A194, Hex heavy nuts, Grade 2H, 2HM, 4, 7, 7M, 8, 8M.ASTM A563, Grade 10, 10S.DIN934, DIN985, DIN1587, DIN6923, ISO10511, ISO7719, ISO7042, JIS B 1181, JIS B 1196, U-Nuts, Conical Nuts, ISO, ANSI/ASME, IF, NM, NE, NTM, NTE Carbon steel & Stainless steel Washer Shape: Washer, Square Washer, Spring Lock Washer, Wave Spring lock Washer, Internal/External Teeth Lock Washer, Retaining Rings For Bore/Shafts, Other special Washers or likely Shaped Parts upon Customer's request and their drawing or sample; DIN125, DIN9021, DIN127, DIN6916, FW436, DIN6797, DIN6798, ISO848, ISO96. Carbon steel & Stainless steel Bolts, Screws, Rods and Studs Shape: Hex Bolts, Round Head Square Neck Carriage Bolts, Hex Socket Cap Screws, Hex Socket Set Screws, Screws, Tapping Screws, Wood Screws, Lifting Eye Bolts, Eye Bolt Form B, Masonary Bolts, U-Bolts, Rods, Studs, Weld Studs, Other likely Shaped Parts upon Customer's request and their drawing or sample; ASTM A193 stud bolt, Grade B7, B7M, B8, B8M, ASTM A320 L7, DIN931, DIN933, DIN603, DIN912, DIN7981, DIN7982, DIN571, DIN975, DIN975, DIN976. Special Parts:According customer's sample or drawing.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-63882821,63882823
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