FMS Fastener
Main Products:
custom-made all kind of non-standard fasterner we professionally supply standard fastener (bolts, nuts, screws, washers, screws, etc) in German standard DIN, China standard GB, Japanese standard JIS, ISO, American standard ANISI, IFI ,AST,ASME ,SAE,BSW ,UNI ,NF and other standard . You will enjoy One-stop service of supply at low price.
Country/Region: China/Hebei Tel : 17531133527
Main Products:
Dacromet, Zintek, ZTK-coating, Xylan, BNL-coating, DELTA-MKS
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 13925531807;18681011388
Ningbo Zhonghai Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Main Products:
Tooth stick, external hex bolts, hex nuts, Tooth strip
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 18958302519孙小姐,15888501955 叶先生
Carlo Salvi (Guangzhou) Machinery And Equipment Ltd.
Main Products:
1 Die 2 Blow Headers,2 Dies 4 Blow Headers,Progressive Headers heading machine
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 020-81734672,13808894952
Shanghai Aflon Metal Coating Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Dacromet surface processing, Dacromet chromium Dacromet processing, Surface Treatment, Metal Processing.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-39198868
Foshan Nanhai Lishui Hexing Machinery Factory
Main Products:
M10-360C the whole die double guide double-click long automatic cold heading machine, M12-200C doubleheader, Spring Machine, etc.
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0757-85608889,13928630328
Suzhou Ruihe Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
1. Nut category: DIN934、DIN985、GB923/DIN1587、DIN315、DIN6923、DIN928、DIN929 2. Tight set 3. U.S. and outside the hexagonal screws、machine screws 4. High strength stud、double-headed 5. Non-calibration done: strong technology、fast response、excellent price、prompt delivery.
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0512-66675600/67286760
Wenzhou Hongwang Hardware Products Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Professional production: square nut with point, welding nut, clip nut, round nut, oil pipe nut, hexagon thick nut, lock nut, flange nut, crown decorative nail, explosion nut, double head strap, point with teeth, etc. all kinds of special-shaped non-standard parts are customized, which are suitable for various hardware accessories such as electrical chassis, auto parts, motorcycle locks, bicycles, toys, furniture and chairs Specification: below M20 Keywords: non standard nut, non-standard nut, special-shaped nut, precision nut, automobile nut, square nut, square point nut, clip nut, welding nut, oil pipe nut, flange nut, lock nut, cap nut, hexagonal thick nut, thin nut, round nut, crown decorative nail, point nut, toothed nut, knurled nut
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 13957729896 13676782228 (同微信号)
Sijin Intelligent Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Bolt former Nut former Part former 1 die 2 blow
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 0574-88352799
WuXi AMDA M&E Co., Ltd.
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Jergens Industrial Supply,Century Spring Corp,Sugatsune/Lamp,Accuride International, Hafele,STANLEY, BYD-LED,Military Specifications,Patlite Corporation, Precision Brand Products,McMASTER-CARR,Vlier, The Ohio Nut and Bolt Company,Pacific Bearing Company,Fairlane Products,S&W Manufacturing ,Heyco ,Emhart POP, Avdel, Device Technologies,SMC, FESTO,ANEMO ENGINEERING BVBA, ASG,Freelin-Wade
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