Main Products:
Supply all kinds of standard and non-standard washer,like Flat washer,Spring washer, Square washer, ,hardened steelwasher and Cup washer, Wave washer etc. The materials are like Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminium, Electrical insulating fibre, EPDM etc. 2.Supply flat washer: DIN125,DIN126,DIN433,DIN440,DIN1052,DIN1440,DIN1441,DIN6340,DIN6916,DIN7349,DIN7989,DIN9021,BS3410,BS4320,NFE25513,NFE25514,F436, ANSI/ASME B18,USS,SAE,FENDER,Sesco washer etc. 3.Supply spring washer: DIN127,DIN128,DIN137A,DIN137B,DIN6796,DIN7980,DIN9250,NFE25511,NFE25515,ASME18-21-1,BS1802,JISB1251 etc. 4.Supply square and taper washer: DIN434,DIN435,DIN436,DIN798,DIN6917,DIN6918 etc 5.Model NU:DIN,USS,SAE,BS,AS,NFE and non standard
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Shanghai Xinlei Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
We just feel very pleased to obtain your information and are writing to you to try to win some business opportunities. We are very professional factory in producing washers, stamped parts & turned parts in China. Our key products are as follows: 1. Flat Washers: Din125A,,Din126,Din433,Din434,Din435,Din436,Din440,Din6916,Din7349,Din7989, Din1052 Din1440 Din1441 Din9021,F436,BS3410,BS4320,Fender Washer Din127B Din7980 SAE USS NFE25513 NFE25514 2. External Tooth Locking Washer & Internal Tooth Locking Washer; 3. Retaining Rings-Din471,Din472,Din6796 Din6798 A(J) Din6797J Din7967. 4. Cup Washers, Contact Washer; Screw Cups; 5. Stamping parts, Brackets. 6. Turned Parts. 7.Special parts as per drawings & samples. We are also good at Brass Plain Washer & Copper Washer with Tin/Silver Finish. Various materials and finishes could be available according to your detailed requirements. I am sure you are suffering from finance recession, so I think you need better prices and services to support you business. We would like to try to become one of your most valuable suppliers in China. And I am sure you will benefit from working with us!
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Tianjin Yushu T.I.T Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
1. Our company supply all kinds of standard and non-standard washer, like Flat washer, Spring washer, square washer, high-strength steel washer and Cup washer, wave washer etc. The materials are including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium , electrical insulating fibre , EPDM etc. 2. Supply flat washer: DIN125, DIN126, DIN433, DIN440, DIN1052, DIN1440, DIN1441, DIN6340, DIN6916, DIN7349, DIN7989, DIN9021, BS3410, BS4320, NFE25513, NFE25514, F436, ANSI/ASME B18, USS, SAE, FENDER, Sesco washer etc. 3. Supply spring washer: DIN127, DIN128, DIN137A, DIN137B, DIN6796, DIN7980, DIN9250, NFE25511, NFE25515, ASME18-21-1, BS1802, JISB1251 etc. 4. Supply square and taper washer: DIN434, DIN435, DIN436, DIN798, DIN6917, DIN6918 etc
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