Shenzhen Langgu Precision Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
1. Cold piercing rivet nut series: S, CLS, CLA, SP, specifications from M2 to M10, material: environmental protection iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper 2. Cold piercing riveting screws / welding screws series: FH, FHA, FHS, FHL, FH4, HFH, TFH, one-point welding nails, three-point welding nails, etc. 3. Automatic lathe parts series: captive screws / panel screws, crown screws, countersunk screws / nuts (CHC, CEHC, CSS, CSOS), cassette nuts (FN), floating nuts / square nuts, pull-rivet nuts, hand tighten Screws, guide pins / posts, waterproof nuts, etc. 4.CNC precision hardware parts: long shafts, pins, special-shaped turning parts, etc.
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Shanghai YunDing Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Bolts: hex bolts, hex flange bolts, socket cap screws, eye bolts, expansion bolts, socket countersunk screws, socket pan screws, carriage bolts, stud bolts, wing screws, eyelet bolts, anchor bolts, U bolts, square bolts, etc. Nuts: rivet nuts, eye nuts, hex nuts, hex thick nuts, hex thin nuts, nylon lock nuts, metal lock nuts, hex flange nuts, wing nuts, cap nuts, round nuts, square nuts, square weld nuts, hex weld nuts, hex slotted nuts, pipe nuts, etc. Washers: flat washers, wave washers, saddle washers, spring washers, split washer, circlip for shaft, circlip for hole, internal-external tooth lock washers, square washers, etc. Screws: pan head tapping screws, countersunk head tapping screws, mushroom head tapping screws, pan head machine screws, countersunk head machine screws, drilling screws, hex wood screws, tri-lobular tapping screws, all kinds of SEM screws Other: weld screws, pulling rivets, rods, chemical anchor bolts, Heli-Coil inserts, hose clamp, split pins, lock screws, spring-type straight pins, straight pins, taper pins, flat round head rivets, flat rivets, countersunk head rivets, round head rivets, hex socket set screws with flat point, hex socket set screws with cone point, hex socket set screws with cup point, turnbuckles, non-standard fasteners Other material series: nylok screws, titanium screws, copper screws, electronic screws, green screws, nylon screws, etc.
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Main Products:
Hexagon Nuts/Lock Nuts/Nyloc Nuts GB6170,GB6175,SH3404 Standards:Din 934, Din 439, Din 985, Din 980, BS3692, BS1769, BS1768, BS1083, ISO 4032. Size : M3 to M64 and 1/2" to 4"
Country/Region: /JiangSu Tel : 15189313231
Rui’an weisheng Fastener Manufactory
Main Products:
high strength bolts, all kinds of self-tapping screws, electronic screws, mobile phone screws, torx recess screws, truss head phillips screws, countersunk screws, carriage bolts, hex/ hex socket flange bolts, custom-made non-standard screws
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0-15988751321
Shanghai Qianmao Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Specialized in manufacturing high-strength screw of 8.8 and 12.9 grade and stainless steel fasteners, the products include GB70/DIN912, DIN7991, ISO7380, GB77/DIN913, GB80/DIN916, GB78/DIN914, torx head hilt, umbrella-type hilt, BSP Line Plug Throat Taps, PG1.5 set screw, ISO7379, tapersleeve screw, straight pin, spanner, litting eyebolt and nut, DIN940, GB5782/DIN931, GB5783/933 nut, nut socket screw, washer and so on.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-57618289
Shanghai Jiashang Fastener Co. Ltd.
Main Products:
Carbon steel products hex washer bolts, hex flange bolts, hex washer tri-lobular thread bolts , hex socket button head screws, socket countersunk head screws, 10.9 grade high strength bolts of SCM435 material ( standard: ISO7380,DIN7991) Stainless steel products 1. Machined screws Cup head hex socket screws, hex socket countersunk screws, pan head screws with cross recess,,countersunk head screws with cross recess,countersunk raised head screws,truss head screws with cross recess,hexagon head flange screws All the products are in accordance with ANSI, DIN, GB and ISO standards. 2. Tapping screws cross recessed pan head tapping screws, cross recessed countersunk flat head tapping screws, countersunk raised head screws with cross recess, slotted pan head tapping screws, slotted countersunk tapping screws, slotted raised countersunk tapping screws,, hex head tapping screws, cross recessed pan head tapping set screws, cross recessed countersunk flat head tapping set screws,, cross recessed raised countersunk flat head tapping set screws,, hex head tapping set screws,, hexagon lobular socket head cap screws-property, cross recessed tapping screws with cup head, cross recessed tapping screws with scrape head , Hexagon head tapping screws with shoulders, hexagon head flange tapping screws.
Country/Region: China/ShangHai Tel : 021-33504541,33505105,13512147013
Ningbo Beilun Dagan Jingting Standard Fastener Factory
Main Products:
Stainless steel DIN931、DIN933、DIN603、DIN912、DIN975、DIN7991、DIN934、DIN939、DIN1587、DIN444(strength above A2-80、A4-80),and M18-M24 cold-forged hex screws of various lengths.
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Wenzhou Puzhou Farm Nail Factory
Main Products:
Tapping screws, wood screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, machine screws, hex screws, tri-lobular thread screws, countersunk screws, cap screws, screws with half round head, pan head screws, truss head screws, carriage screws, high low screws, hex socket screws. Materials: Iron, stainless iron, stainless steel Locks, hinges, handles, and screws for home decoration, including non-standard parts. Size: M2-M8 Length: 3-100 DIN965-966-84-85-7985-7983-7981-7982-7991 JIS-GMT-GMF-GMR-GMB-GMO ASTM AMP-AMO-AMF-AMR-AMB-AMT
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Main Products:
Our company devotes to research and develop, design and produce. Our main products are automatic lathe, CNC lathe parts, tube joint, and nozzle. We also deal with the processing of copper, aluminum, stainless steel car parts, PVC, shaft parts and metal stamping, what’s more, we also produce mechanical components, screws, nuts, bolts etc.Products include hexagon nuts, stainless steel exagon nuts,hexagon nylon lock nuts,2H hexagon nuts,brass hexagon nuts,hexagon cap nuts,hexagon bolts,brass hexagon bolts,drywall screws,hexagon socket head cap screws,eye bolts,philips countersunk screws,spring washers.
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-86166028,18868368833
Main Products:
Rivet nut, rivet studs, pressure riveting screws, rivet nuts, steel screw, nuts, crown screw, knurled screw, rivet nuts and other fasteners PEM gun.
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