Yantai Qixia Copper Product Co., Ltd.
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Our company is professional in producing various of brass standard parts,brass fasteners,brass nut,brass screw,brass bolt,brass washer,brass flat washer, brass spring washer, brass knurling nut, brass ball, brass threaded rod,brass coupling,brass clip,brass nipple,brass bush, copper washer, copper flat washer,copper nut, copper bolt, copper screw, bronze bolt, bronze nut,bronze screw, bronze washer, bronze spring washer
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Wenzhou Sanlin Metals Products Co.,LTD.
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brass hex nuts brass cap nuts brass bolts brass screws brass washers brass precise hardware stainless steel nuts
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-86563888
Haiyan Jinniman Machinery Co., Ltd.
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We strictly adhere to the standards of GB, ISO, DIN, BS, ANSI/ASME and JIS. Our products include stainless steel standard fasteners, copper standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, automotive fasteners, small hardware and pipe fittings. We can process various non-standard fasteners according to your order. Product Line: electrical appliance screws, computer screws, toy screws, triangle screws, non-standard screws, cup head screws, nuts, plugboard screws, rivets, rivet bushings, cup nuts, combined screws (2) all kinds of pipe fittings; (3) Customize various fitting fasteners (connectors); (4) Make foreign connectors adapted to domestic requirement. (5) various standard bolts, nuts, screws, studs, rivets, washers, special fasteners, high strength fasteners, T-screws, locking nuts, slotted screws, nylon locking nuts, flange nuts, tapping screws; (6) apply imported excellent materials SUS304, SUS316 and SUS302HQ to produce various stainless steel standard fasteners, copper standard fasteners, copper washers, copper hollow rivets; (7) furniture screws: double head, hex head wood screws, countersunk tapping screws and various screws; (8) various wood machinery and paper machinery; (9) customize auto parts, punching parts, cold formed parts, casting parts, non-standard, hardware of various materials, such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Material for Machinery: Low-carbon steel, mid-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nylon, PVC, copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy. Fastener Property Class: 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Coating: Zinc-iron alloy, white zinc, five color, black coating, grey phosphate, black phosphate, yellow copper, black zinc, nickel plating, substitute chromium, electrophoresis (black), dacromet, hot-dip zinc plating, bluing and blackening.
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Shanghai Xinlei Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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We just feel very pleased to obtain your information and are writing to you to try to win some business opportunities. We are very professional factory in producing washers, stamped parts & turned parts in China. Our key products are as follows: 1. Flat Washers: Din125A,,Din126,Din433,Din434,Din435,Din436,Din440,Din6916,Din7349,Din7989, Din1052 Din1440 Din1441 Din9021,F436,BS3410,BS4320,Fender Washer Din127B Din7980 SAE USS NFE25513 NFE25514 2. External Tooth Locking Washer & Internal Tooth Locking Washer; 3. Retaining Rings-Din471,Din472,Din6796 Din6798 A(J) Din6797J Din7967. 4. Cup Washers, Contact Washer; Screw Cups; 5. Stamping parts, Brackets. 6. Turned Parts. 7.Special parts as per drawings & samples. We are also good at Brass Plain Washer & Copper Washer with Tin/Silver Finish. Various materials and finishes could be available according to your detailed requirements. I am sure you are suffering from finance recession, so I think you need better prices and services to support you business. We would like to try to become one of your most valuable suppliers in China. And I am sure you will benefit from working with us!
Country/Region: china/Shanghai Tel : 0-13916391179,0573-84588464
Main Products:
Washers, Plain washers, Square washers, Toothed lock washers, Retaining ring, Conical washers, Conical spring washers, Grower washers, Waveform washers, Fiber washers, Plastic washers, Stainless steel washers, Copper washers, Hardware, Precision Hardware, Electronics Hardware
Country/Region: CHINA/Guangdong Tel : 0769-85896051,2,3
Hangzhou HengQiu spring Washer Co.,Ltd
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We mainly produce the USA standard spring washers : Models with "AMSI' AMSE 'B18'21一1 ; sta ndards with ' No.4一2 " , .   Germany standard spring washers : Models with " DIN127B , DIN7980 , " standards with "M3一M52 , DIN128B , DIN6905 , , ; standardswith " M3一M20 " .    The British standard spring washers : BS1802 , l/8 一1 1/2 Japanese standard spring washers : JIS一2 , standards with " M2 一M36 " . China Standard spring washers : Types with " GB93 一76 , GB93 一87 , standards with " M3 一M64 , GB7244 一87 heavy 一duty spring washers , standards with " M6 一M48 , and GB7245 saddle models , GB7246 wave models , GB9074 combined washers . We also produce all kinds of no 一standard and stainless steed and tin copper washers .
Country/Region: china/Zhejiang Tel : 0571-82698568
Fotsbon International Industry Limited
Main Products:
1.PEM standard self-clinching fasteners Self-clinching nuts, Self-clinching standoffs, Self-clinching studs and pins, Self-clinching standoffs and studs, pilot pins, keyhole standoffs, spring-top standoffs, panel fastener assemblies 2.DIN standard, ISO standard and GB/T standard A.Nuts Rivet nuts, hex nuts, lock nuts, cap nuts, square nuts, flange nuts, four-jaw nuts, K-nuts, inner and outer nuts, weld nuts, wing nuts, cage nuts B.Screws Self-tapping and self-drilling screws, machined wire, expansion screws, butterfly screws, set-up screws, combination screws, blind rivets, crown screws, knurled screws, screw bars, eyebolts, sheep eye self-tapping screws , butterfly screw, hexagon socket countersunk head screw C.Bolts Hexagon bolts, hexagonal flange bolts, hexagon socket head cap screws, semicircular head square neck bolts D.Sealing rings and gaskets Flat washers, spring washers, insulating washers, wave washers, E-rings E.Pins Elastic pins, cylindrical pins, threaded cylindrical pins, straight groove elastic cylindrical pins, rolled elastic cylindrical pins, tapered pins, groove pins, pins shaft, perforated pins, cotter pins F.Pressure riveting expansion screw: core expansion, expansion bolt, expansion pull hook, plastic rubber plug expansion tube, daughter rivet 3.Non-standard fasteners A.Copper fasteners: single-headed copper columns, double-headed copper columns, double-pass copper columns, hexagonal copper bolts, corn rivets, copper nuts, copper washers B.Non-standard custom series: To map custom samples 4.The tool series: rivet gun, riveting machine, hex wrench, tool set, drill bit 5.The simulation of thatch and other building materials series: PVC simulation thatch, PE simulation thatch, aluminum simulation thatch
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