Main Products:
Screw: Self Drilling Screw DIN7504, Chipboard Screw DIN7505, Drywall Screw, Self Tapping Screw DIN7981, DIN7982 & Wood Screw DIN571 Nut: Hexagon Nut DIN934 Bolt: Hexagon Bolts DIN931,DIN933, Carriage Bolt DIN603 Washer: Flat Washer DIN125A,DIN9021, Spring Washer DIN127B Nail: Concrete Nail, Roofing Nail, Wire Common Nail, Boat Nail Blind Rivet DIN7337 Threaded Rod DIN975
Country/Region: china/Zhejiang Tel : 020-39907121
Jinyun Xinyu Fabricated Metal Products Co.,LTD
Main Products:
manufacture coil nail , strip nail .common nail. pallet nail .tread nail,stainless steel nail, copper nail
Country/Region: china/Zhejiang Tel : 0578-3551198
tianjin jinxianghe co. ltd
Main Products:
dry wall nails,common nails,roofling nails,plaster board nails,and many other kinds of nails.
Country/Region: china/Tianjin Tel : 86-022-23999006
Main Products:
Country/Region: China/Shandong Tel : 0532-00000000
Shandong Jining Lotus Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Our main products include common nails,steel nails,finish nails,roofing coiled nails,floor nails,plastic strip nails,screwed nails and galvanized steel wire,more than 20 series,120 varieties.
Country/Region: China/Shandong Tel : 0537-2299666
Tianjin Renhe Hardware Product CO.,LTD
Main Products:
Drywall Screws, Chipboard Screws, Self tapping Screws, Self drilling Screws, ST nail,Common Nails,hardware,fastener
Country/Region: China/TianJin Tel : 022-83999792
Qingdao Hironails Company
Main Products:
common nails,common coil nails,coil roofing nails,plastic strip nails,paper strip nails,concrete nails, duplex nails
Country/Region: China/Shandong Tel : 020-38861343
Tianjin Naboscrew Standard Component MakeCo.,LTD
Main Products:
All kinds of screws
Country/Region: China/Tianjin Tel : 022-83998232
linyi jilinterlestra hardwares co.,ltd
Main Products:
black annealed wire, galvanized wire, different kind of nail eg.common nail, roofing nail, concrete nail
Country/Region: china/Shandong Tel : 0086-0539-8393129
Tianjin Haoyuequan Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
common nail, roofing nail, concrete nail,headless nail,duplex head nail, coiled nail, umbrella nail, ceiling nail, board nail,
Country/Region: China/Tianjin Tel : 86-022-83998698
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