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garage door fasteners,hex bolts,hex head bolts,hex socket head bolts,hex flange bolts,hex flange head bolts,carriage bolts,track bolts,eye bolts,fishtail bolts,hanger bolts,self-tapping screws,sheet metal screws,roofing screws,self-drilling screws,TEK screws,drywall screws,coach screws,split pins,chipboard screws,hex nuts,hex cap nuts,hex serrated nuts,spring nuts,weld nuts,castle nuts,special nuts,threaded rods,plain washers,spring washers,square washers,bonded washers,s hook,anchor
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Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone Yonggang Fasteners Co., Ltd.
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various kinds of Guardrail bolts for freeways and railways, Carriage bolts and Hex bolts, Hex coach screw, Flange bolts, Nuts, etc, that conform with the ISO, ANSI, ASME, DIN, BSW, JIS, GB. We also customize various special-shaped parts according to the customer's requirements and specifications.
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The company mainly engaged in wire rod with the diameter of 2 - 42 with processing, sales of finished wire: Cold heading steel alloy with a diameter of 5.5 mm, with a diameter of 40 SCM415, SCM420, SCM435, SCM440, B7, ML20CRMO, ML35CrMO, ML42CrMO, ML20MnTiB, 10B18, 10B21, 10B28, 10B30, 10B33, 10B38, ML20CrMnTi, 30crmnti, Baoshan, Xing Gang 5.5 - Phi Phi 40 tool steel of Baosteel 50BV30, Xing steel, Bearing steel with 5.5 - 40 GCr15 diameter Xingtai steel, Baosteel, Dalian special steel The hard line with the diameter of 5.5 - 40 40# diameter, 45#, 65#, 70#, 80#, High carbon steel with a diameter of 5.5 mm, with a diameter of 40 SWRH42B, SWRH47B, SWRH72B, SWRH77B, S10C, S20C, S40C, S50C, Baoshan, Xing Gang Prestressed steel wire diameter 5.5 - 40 SWRH82A, SWRH82B, 87B with Baosteel, Xing Gang Copper clad steel wire with a diameter of 5.5 mm, with a diameter of 40 SWRM6, SWRM10, SWRM12, SWRM15, XGM2 of baosteel, Spring steel with the diameter of 5.5 - 40 65Mn, 60Si2MnA, 55SiCr with 60Si2CrVAT, Baosteel, Xing steel, With the diameter of 5.5 - 40 16MNCR5 diameter steel gear of baosteel, Carbon cold heading steel with the diameter of 5.5 - 40 SWRCH6A, SWRCH10A, Phi SWRCH18A, SWRCH22A, ML08AL, ML10AL, SWRCH10K, SWRCH15K, SWRCH20K, SWRCH35K, SWRCH40K, SWRCH45K, SWRCH50K, SAE1010, SAE1012, SAE1015, SAE1020, SAE1022, SAE1035, SAE1045, Baoshan, Xing Gang Another of the company's monthly order 8620 is often wire and other special line of high-end cold heading 20CRNIMO GB, 8620, 25CR2MOV, 40CRMOV4-6, 18CRNIMO7-6, 40CRNIMO, S10C, S12C, 16MNCR5, SCM435, 20#, S20C, ML15, ML10, ML35, 20MNTIB, SWRCH10A, SWRCH22A, SWRCH18A, 17CR3, 20CR, SCM420, SCM440, 4140. GCR15, 100CR6 and other high-end cars, standing with a diameter of 5.5-40, processing the ball drawing specifications for cold heading line diameter 0.5-40. if your company required materials list is listed above, please inquire. Our company is a special dealer. All materials are from Baosteel Baosteel warehouse straight Germany Duies also booking treasure, South Korea Pohang, Taiwan steel, Kobe steel, Japan imported materials, welcome calls from the stock and the latest price list.
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Ningbo Weli Hardware Co., Ltd.
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·Bolts ·Hex Bolts ·U Bolts ·Round Head Oval Neck Bolts ·Threaded Rods&Studs ·Screws ·GuardRail Bolts ·Machine Screws ·Roofing Screws ·Coach Screws ·Set Screws ·Socket Countersunk Head Screws ·Socket Head Cap Screws ·Nuts ·Hex Nuts ·Flange Nuts ·Wing Nuts ·Spring Nuts ·Cap Nuts ·Nylon Lock Nuts ·Hex Long Nuts ·Hex Thin Nuts ·Washers ·Spring Washers ·Flat Washers ·Anchors ·Drop in Anchors ·Anchor Bolts ·Non-standard series ·Non-standard fastener ·Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts
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Screw spike,Track bolt and nut,tensile clamp,E-clip,rail clip,Pandrol Clip,SKl clip,spring washer,railroad clip,railroad fastener,deenik clip,Nabla Blade
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XC Fasteners
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Hex Lag Screws, Hex Lag Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Draw Bolts, Acoustical Eye Lag Screws, Acoustical Toggle Bolts, Coach Screws, Driving Screws, Special Fastener
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Main Products:
The main products include all kinds of Hex wood screws, Hanger bolts, Hex head bolts, Carriage bolts, Hooks, Eyes screws in DIN, ANSI, JIS, etc. standards and all kinds of Nuts and Bolts, etc. Non-standard pieces.
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Haiyan Feihua Fasteners Co., Ltd
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hex lag screw,hex coach screw,hexagon screw,wood screw,DIN571,haner bolt,hanger dowel,hanger studs,eye screw,thread rod,DIN975.
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Shanghai Finefix International Trade Co.,Ltd
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draw bolt carriage bolt Hex cap screw U Bolt Thread rod sheet metal screw wood screw lag screw coach screw tapping screw
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Kunshan ALEX Railway Fastening Co., Ltd.
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products are as following: 1. Screw spike/Coach screw/Drive screw/Sleeper Screw, Dog spike/Railroad spike/Lock spike/Cut spike,etc. 2. Rail clip/ Tension clamp/ E, R, SKL clip/ E clip/ Deenik clip 3. Swivel Bolts/ Track Bolt/ Special bolts/ U bolts/ J bolts/ Anchor bolts/ Foundation bolts/ Stud bolts/ Rod bolts/ Curved bolts/ Tunnel bolts 4. Tie plate/ Base plate / Rail plate/ Rail fixing base/ Rail Pads/ Sole plate/ Sole pad 5. Fish plate / Joint bar / Rail joint/ Splice Bar 6. Track bolt/ T bolt / Rail bolt/ Clamp bolt/ Inserted bolt/ Clip bolt/ Fish bolt/ Square bolt/ Rod bolt /Rail joint bolt 7. Clamp plate/ Rail spring clamp/ Anchor plate/ Steel clip 8. Rail Shoulder/ Rail sleeper Inserts/ Rail Anchors for rail sleepers 9. Plastic dowel / Guide plate/ Nylon insert
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