Yushung Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Silicon bronze fasteners, CuNiSi fasteners,phosphor bronze fasteners, aluminium bronze fasteners, brass fasteners, silicon bronze rod, phosphor bronze rod, aluminium bronze rod, brass(naval) rod.
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Eagleeyes Hardware Factory
Main Products:
Silicon bronze cut thread wood screws Silicon bronze machine screws Silicon bronze hex cap screw Silicon bronze carriage bolt Silicon bronze hex head wood screw Siliocn bronze nuts Brass cut thread wood screws Brass machine screws Brass hex cap screws Brass carriage bolt screws Brass tapping screws Brass nuts Stainless steel cut thread wood screws Stainless steel machine screws Stainless steel tapping screws etc
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MU LING Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
I take charge of the bronze fastener mainly to include the silicon bronze/aluminum bronze/phosphor bronze/brass and so on. Product scope Guang Fan, including screw, bolt, nut, gear rack, gasket and so on. Productivity, no matter the size, the length majority situations can satisfy the customer the demand. The product quality is high, can enter business to produce stably world-known for a long time. Also independently researches and develops the stainless steel wire rod heater!!!
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