Dongguan Sanhewlett Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
non-standard fasteners, machine screws, self-tapping screws, insert nuts, rivets, hollow bolts & nuts.
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 0769-83518248 022-86837818
Zhoushan City Hesheng Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Fasteners, fittings, nuts, bolts, other fasteners & fittings, rivet nuts, non-standard nuts, round nuts, bolts, lock rivet nuts, hex rivet nuts We specialize in producing rivet nuts. Standard: Metric, ASME or BS Thread: Coarse or fine thread Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel or copper Surface treatment: Zinc plating, or nickel plating
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0580-8075230,,13705806507
Wenzhou Hongwang Hardware Products Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Professional production: square nut with point, welding nut, clip nut, round nut, oil pipe nut, hexagon thick nut, lock nut, flange nut, crown decorative nail, explosion nut, double head strap, point with teeth, etc. all kinds of special-shaped non-standard parts are customized, which are suitable for various hardware accessories such as electrical chassis, auto parts, motorcycle locks, bicycles, toys, furniture and chairs Specification: below M20 Keywords: non standard nut, non-standard nut, special-shaped nut, precision nut, automobile nut, square nut, square point nut, clip nut, welding nut, oil pipe nut, flange nut, lock nut, cap nut, hexagonal thick nut, thin nut, round nut, crown decorative nail, point nut, toothed nut, knurled nut
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 13957729896 13676782228 (同微信号)
Dongguan Fangxin Fastener Co.LTD
Main Products:
1, drawing rivet (cup-type rivets), hippocampus nails, squeezing rivets, rivet lantern, stainless steel rivets, stainless steel multi-drum type rivet, blind rivets of iron, iron rivets and more drums, large cap iron rivets, large stainless steel cap blind rivets, rivet double-drum, single drum rivets, aluminum and iron rivets, automotive rivets, rivet cabinet, closed-end rivets, aluminum rivets, steel rivets, pull flower rivets. 2, Tools: pull nail, rivet gun, rivet gun, pneumatic rivet gun, pneumatic rivet nut gun. 3, drilling screws: hexagon head, flat head and Phillips, Park Head Cross, Cross Park, the first washer, Weihua first cross, siding nails, Dacromet drilling screws, lead screws Nepalese, 5 screws, drilling 410 stainless steel tail, 304 stainless steel drilling. 4, rivet nuts: Carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel rivet nuts, flat head (Shu Wen, light body, small head (light body, Shu Wen), hexagonal, etc. Product specifications: 2.4 ~ 4.8mm
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0769-83186956, 13332667223
Taicang Chaoyi Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Building series, Automobile Series, Electric series, Nut series, Screw Series
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0512-82785128
Wenzhou Fengding Fastener Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Registered trademark: FD Main products: flange bolts, flange bolts, six cross angle cross bolt, bolt, recessed head screws with cross, automotive fasteners, fasteners, custom wind stainless steel flange bolts, to undertake a variety of high quality special fasteners. GB5787, GB5789, GB16674, DIN6921, DIN1662, IFI-111, ISO 4162, JIS B 1189, GB9071.1- GB9074.17, Q180, Q184 car automobile bolts, bolts and other products
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 13957753809;18857755588
Zhongshan Jin Wen Hardware Parts Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Plastic insert molding Parts, Stamping Parts, Helical Drive Spindle Parts,Shoulder Bolts, Tubular Parts, Auto Parts, Bend pipe fittings, Bending Parts, Irregularly Shaped Cold Forging Parts, Shaft Cold Forging Parts, Comprehensive Parts, Applied Materials
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0760-28156999, 18676198619
Dongguan kaiyang Hardware & Machine Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Furniture hardware fittings, Light hardware fittings, Bicycle part and accessories, K-lock nut, Nylon lock nut, conical nut, micro hex nut and customized non-standard fasteners. Material includes:carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 0769-81064266,81064299,83317902,83317910,833...
Suzhou Chuangjia Fastener Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Semi-tubular rivet, step rivet, rivet
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 0512-53667068;13771903149,18962616162
Main Products:
We introduce the foreign production of advanced technique to make 5 moulds, 6 moulds, extended, bearing type high speed nuts and elements, many work position cold extrusion machines, cold Dui machine, it is compact to have structure and rigidity is high, operating, maintenance the characteristics such as convenience. Book equipment application in automobile, motorcycle, machinery foundation profession (such as chain, fastener, bearing, box spanner, tool, special different type nut and flange surface nut, sides nut, welding nut, cover type nut , locknut, defence pine nut, pull hat nut, chain Luo pull, expansion gecko, independently axle gear, bicycle different type etc.) etc. various different type , complex is not mark cold squeeze into type, suitable scope extensive.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 13906870068
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