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The TFM wide-range of products include Self-Clinching Fasteners Self-Clinching Standoff Series Self-Clinching Nuts Series Broadching Series Stud Series Knurled Head Standoff Series Other related Self-Clinching Items Electronics Hardware Male Female Standoffs Spacers Double Ended Standoffs Swage Standoffs Hex Jack Screws Captive Panel Screws Thumb Screws Shoulder Screws Others Turned Parts Air Conditional Components Electrical & Electronics Components Automotive Components Furniture Components Brass Inserts Miscellaneous Bolts & Nuts Cage Nuts Weld Nuts Rivet Bushes Rivet Nuts CD Studs And many more.
Country/Region: Malaysia/HongKong Tel : 006-0355485112
Foshan Qiaoyi Hardware and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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all kinds of precision machine screw, self tapping screw, thread-forming screw, self tapping assembly screw, machine silk screw, machine silk locking screw, machine silk assembly screw and other non-standard fasteners products
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0757-85223306 86305830 86318938
AVP Automotive UK Ltd
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Peugeot Citroen factory parts and accessories
Country/Region: /GuangDong Tel : 18824808659
Nantong Newsky Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Country/Region: /JiangSu Tel : 0513-83574299
Tin Ann's rivet
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The product series of the department include: Opening type self-plugging rivet, a pair of drum type rivet , cannelure rivet , garland rivet, hitting such more than ten big classes as the core rivet , various kinds of colored rivets ,etc., several numerous more than kinds of specifications . The products are extensively suitable for car making, the ship moors making , such trades as machine-building , air conditioner purify the device , spaceflight , aviation , architecture , electromechanics , petrochemical industry and light industry and mount
Country/Region: China /Shandong Tel : 0539-2939616
Dongguan city pliot lmport and export co.,ltd
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Wholesale and retail trade in goods: UPS EPS laser micro-Tester the biosensor human tester electronic laboratory equipment, electronic equipment assembly line supporting hardware standard electronics screws products Services: the import and export declarations, businesses filing international air shipping, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Vietnam door to door logistics and export tax rebates and other agent services
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 0769-33391061
U-bolt, double bolt pipe clamps, support blocks, pipe supports, support block
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North China's largest, most complete variety: wood care, air conditioning, wood care, wood care central air conditioning, plumbing wood care, skids, piping skids, air conditioning, child care code, U-bolts, duct skids \ wood pipe supports, and the wind Pipe wood care, wood care rubber, rubber pipe supports, PEVA pipe supports, rubber care code, high-density polyurethane pipe supports, cold pipe supports, pipe supports, pipe card, tube clamps, U-type code, clamps, hold hoop, iron card, double bolt pipe clamps, insulation pipe support, on the circle below the wood care, all logs care, D-wood care, O-type wood care, support block, cold block, pipe fittings and other products - professional manufacturer
Country/Region: China/Hebei Tel : 0316-5960046
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special furniture screw & anchors, assembled fastener,plumbing, cabinet hardware,deep drawn metal stamping & Precision machined parts, machining parts self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, nuts, bolts, washers, expansion bolts, non-standard screws, non-standard rivet nuts, non-standard straight pins, solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind rivets DIN933,934,6923,571,558,603,315,7337,985,982,7981,7982,7991 DIN84,6921,911,7985,,1587,7504,7505,1470,1471,1472,1473,582,97 hex bolt, hex nut, hex flange nut, lag screw, carriage bolt, wing nut,nylon insert lock nut
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-82758101
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The company is specialized in producing the utility boiler pipe auxiliary, the construction pipe hangers, ferrules, wire netting stands, air conditioner netting covering, and all kinds of stamping components and non-standard components. We not only have various of products, but also have reasonable price and satisfactory service. About 80% of our products are sold to Europe, United States, Japan, etc. The fire fighting sprinkle system hanger has already passed the certification of the institutions of FM and ULC.
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-58196618
GuangZhou JiaMeiHua LAB Equipment CO.,LTD
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Guangzhou jia magnesium Hua company main product: 1, laboratory furniture series: all-steel central experiment platform, complete wood central laboratory bench, gangmu central experiment platform, complete wood single-sided test bench, aluminum wood single-sided experiments Taiwan, whole steel corner test bench, gangmu corner experimental platform, complete wood corner experiments Taiwan, instrument platform, reagent frame, condole, experimental stool, the bench, gas cabinets, dangerous chemicals storage cabinets, reagent cabinet, vessels cabinet, leechdom cabinet, drawn from Taiwan, slides ark, la piece ark, washing eyes device, emergency shower implement, universal exhaust, atomic absorption is overspread etc; 2, ventilation cabinet series: all-steel fume hood, PP, gangmu fume hood, stainless steel fume hood, FRP fume hood, aluminum akebia wind ark, ventilation systems, 3, lab decoration: the cleanroom, sterile room, clean workshop, clean workshop construction, epoxy resin ground, PVC flooring, electronic tone of wind valve, air conditioning purification system, ventilation systems engineering, stainless steel project, etc; 4, experimental instrument series: super clean bench, biosafty cabinet, oven, incubator, electronic days equality. 5, laboratory supply system: laboratory clean system, ventilation waste gas treatment system, lab gas engineering, laboratory gas supply update system; In view of the different customer groups, combining modern laboratory needs, developed a series of beautiful appearance, stately generous flexible structure of lab equipment, Product design style is contracted, humanization, functionalized reveal, can meet the requirements of different environmental laboratory. Guangzhou jia magnesium Hua company is specialized is engaged in the laboratory of overall planning, design, production, installation and after-sales service in one of the modernization of the company, the company continue to absorb Australia and the European and American countries advanced technology and concept, the introduction of advanced production equipment, production central experimental platform, special specifications experimental platform and edge platform, medicine cabinet, fume hood, edge sets ark etc series laboratory furniture. Professional planning and design checkout room, laboratory and ventilated, purifying engineering. Guangzhou jia magnesium Hua company product widely applies to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine, hospital, pharmacy, disease prevention and control center, product quality and technology supervision, universities and colleges, scientific research units, blood centers, HuanBaoZhan, education, chemical, food, environmental protection, power plant, water and other fields. Guangzhou jia magnesium Hua company is willing with all friends from home and abroad colleagues and friends to strengthen ties and cooperation, for the laboratory industry development and the progress of a contribution. Users first, quality first, reputation first, all for the sake of users, make the customer satisfied is preferred magnesium Hua the aim of the company. Guangzhou jia magnesium Hua company flatter: the "integrity-based, excellence" business philosophy, in the coming days, abroad, keeping pace with The Times, constantly optimize the management and strive for the higher levels of development. Warmly welcome old and new customers to cooperate customization.
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 020-82316115,13922309869
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