Main Products:
bolts, nuts, threaded studs, flanges, pipe fitting
Country/Region: China/Jiangsu Tel : 0515-85520679
Main Products:
Bolts, nuts, machine screws, self-tapping screws, plain washers, spring washers, internal teeth washers, external teeth washers, blind rivets, expansion bolts, U-bolts, rivet nuts and spring straight pins of stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310S and other fasteners; High strength alloy steel products of grade 12.9: socket hex bolts, hex bolts, set screws and stopper bolts; Riveting products: self-clinching nuts, self-clinching studs, self-clinching screws, faceplate screw; Products to repair of the screw thread: wire thread inserts and installation tools; Special nylon mushroom head screws; Custom-made non-standard fasteners.
Country/Region: CHINA/Jiangsu Tel : 0512-57175387,0512-57826171,0512-57826172
Carlo Salvi (Guangzhou) Machinery And Equipment Ltd.
Main Products:
1 Die 2 Blow Headers,2 Dies 4 Blow Headers,Progressive Headers heading machine
Country/Region: China/Guangdong Tel : 020-81734672,13808894952
LeeSheng Hardware Screw Mould Factory
Main Products:
heading dies, shear dies, cutting knives,punch, punch cases, hex punches, and pins…
Country/Region: CHINA/Guangdong Tel : 0769-87983456,13316861050
Beijing Xintianyun Fasteners Co., Ltd
Main Products:
General fasteners, import alloy steel fasteners, rivet fasteners, steel structure fasteners, plastic fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, Titanium alloy fasteners, copper fasteners, aluminum fasteners, chemical anchor bolts, embedding rubbers, coils, self-locking screws, mini precise electronic screws, products with a variety of designs and non-standard fasteners. Surface Treatment: White Zinc, Yellow Zinc and Dacromet, etc.
Country/Region: CHINA/Beijing Tel : 010-87607678, 87600505, 87600909, 63466210, ...
Wuxi AoTian Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
carbon steel spheroidizing wires, alloy steel spheroidizing wires and rivet wires for cold heading and so on
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 0510-88355002,18061513688
Wenzhou Xionglian Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Dowel pins, clevis pins, spring pins, taper pins, grooved pins, split pins, keys, washers, circlips DIN1 DIN7 DIN94 DIN6325 DIN7979 DIN7978 DIN258 DIN1435 DIN1444 DIN1481 DIN1470 DIN1471 DIN1472 DIN1473 DIN1475 DIN1476 DIN1477 DIN6885 DIN6888 ISO8734 ISO2341 ISO8752
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0577-88636693,0577-88632648 13968896547
Jingjiang Junli Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
self-piercing riveting technology,semi-automatic self-riveting machines and full-automatic self-riveting machines.
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 13951150744;18752696639;18952627811
Ruian Zhirui Standard Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
Main products: 1. Washers: lock washers internal teeth, lock washers external teeth, knurling washers, disc springs, grounding gaskets, curved washers, wave washers, tab washers, etc. 2. Circlips: circlips for hole, circlips for shaft, E rings, etc.
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 13506579669
Dongguan Yaxin Precision Hardware Technology Co.,Ltd.
Main Products:
all kinds of precision standard parts screws, bolt molds, punching head, punching rod, tooth plate (grinding teeth mechanical teeth) and special-shaped non-standard fastener mold development, etc.
Country/Region: /Guangdong Tel : 13925816659 ;0769-86999399; 0510-68517914
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