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Hengfeng Rivets provides various types of blind rivets, such as Open End Blind Rivets, Closed End Blind Rivets, Multi-grip Rivets, Henglock Rivets,Tri-fold rivets,high strength blind rivets...
Country:China Tel: 86-523-84553022
Wenzhou Jinsheng Fastener Co., Ltd.
nylon insert lock nuts-DIN985,DIN982,ANSI,BS,GB889,cap nuts one piece type-DIN1587, flange nuts-DIN6923,IFI D-21,JIS B1190,hex nuts-DIN934,weld nuts-JIS B1196,DIN928,DIN929,wing nuts,slotted nuts,T-nu...
Country:China Tel: +86-577-86352209
Shanghai Yi’ou Metal Products Co., Ltd.
standard and non-standard fasteners...
Country:China Tel: 0086-21-69157881
Haiyan Fasteners Factory
carriage bolt hex head bolt flange bolts rivet non-standard fasteners Furniture fasteners...
Country:China Tel: +86-573-86513188,8651...
Tong Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Country:China Tel: 800-8573-558
Dongguan kaiyang Hardware & Machine Co., Ltd.
Furniture hardware fittings, Light hardware fittings, Bicycle part and accessories, K-lock nut, Nylon lock nut, conical nut, micro hex nut and customized non-standard fasteners. Material includes:carb...
Country:China Tel: +86-13416787909
Guangdong Zisheng Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
Our company can manufacture kinds of bolt (hot-dip galvanized check bolt, hex bolt, high strength bolt for steel structure and tower crane, anchor bolt, hardware bolt, J-bolt, U-bolt), nut (locking nu...
Country: Tel: +86-757-85208827
Wenzhou Shengchuang Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.
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Jinzuan Hardware Co., Ltd.
drywall screws, self-clinching screw, SEMS screws, precision screws, self-drilling screws, electronic screws hexagon standoff,linker screw,electronic screw,shaft ...
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Beijing Zhonghai Shangrui Tech. Co., Ltd
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