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Würth (China) Co., Ltd.
The core values of Würth: providing one-stop professional solutions of C class C products (including fasteners) and helping customers with Class C parts management solutions. ...
Country: Tel: +86-00-4000-878758
Suzhou SIP Linquan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Country:china Tel:
Country:China Tel:
Shenyang Liming Mechanical Component Factory
Wire Thread Inserts &Necessary tools Standard Wire Thread Inserts Screw-Lock Inserts Blind-Hole Thread Inserts Coated Thread Inserts Screw Tap Hand Inserting Tools Tang Break-off Tools...
Country:china Tel: 024-88429384
Second Punch First Punch Thread Rolling Die Trimming Die Heading Die ...
Country:China Tel: 86-317-2671929
Shangyu Zhongbaotai Metals Co., Ltd.
The business scope mainly involves materials, processing, equipment and spare parts. Our main raw materials products include titanium rod, titanium tube, titanium plate, nickel rod, nickel tu...
Country: Tel: 0086-13819580328,0086...
Shanghai Huxi High Strength Bolts & Nuts Factory.
The products are widely used in electricity, lifting, aerospace, shipbuilding, engineering machinery. We can also produce set of high strength hexagon bolt, the torsion set of high strength bolts, ANS...
Country:China Tel: 86-21-63761925,86-21-...
Jiaxing Nanhu District Xinjie Metal Production Factory
Our main products are washers and various metal-formed welding products and stamping products. standard washers, DIN, ANSI ,BS, such as DIN 125, DIN 9021, DIN 433, DIN 126, DIN 440, DIN1440, DIN 1441...
Country:china Tel: 0086-573-84868512 137...
Shanghai Heng You Qian Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
A wide range of standard, special and multi-stage fasteners.Hex flange bolt, hexagonal head bolt,self tapping screw, machine screw, inner hexagon cylinder head bolt, pan head bolt ...
Country:China Tel:
Wenzhou Oupaike Precision Fastener Co.,Ltd.,
self clinching nuts, standoffs, bolts, panel fasteners, welding fasteners, spot welding nuts, retractable screw, crown screws, incline knurl nuts,rivet nuts, floated nuts, tapping screws, ballooning f...
Country:China Tel: 86-577-85383788 ,8538...
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