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It is specializing in the production of washers (stoppers, snap rings, cushion rings ) spring fasten articles, assembled screws and multi-functional screws.circlips,SEMS screws...
Country:CHINA Tel: +86-769-87919756,512-...
Zhejiang Kahuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Now my factory can produce bore stalk turns,opening turn,inside( saw) tooth turn outside(saw) tooth and abnormal shape turn standards and kinds of car, motorcycle,machine tight firmware and related n...
Country:china Tel: +86-577-85229666
Shenzhen Jin Chun Titanium Co., Ltd., Jinshan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.,
The company is a high-tech private enterprise combined with development, manufacture and sales of titanium material and titanium products. Main products include titanium and titanium alloy plate, rod,...
Country: Tel: 86-755-27351541 ...
China Avation Industry Standard Parts Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Specialized in manufacturing high-tensile fasteners, standard fasteners, various non-standard fasteners, auto redirector...
Country:CHINA Tel: 0851-84894256
Ningbo Mingli Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Our company mainly produces various types of high strength hex nuts, including GB, DIN, IFI and other standard nuts and other kinds nuts. ...
Country:VP China Tel: 0086-574-86535867
Ningbo Dongxiang Accuracy Hardware Co., Ltd.
Broaching nuts, self-locking nuts, flate-in nuts, floating nuts, flush nuts, self-clinching nuts, grounding standoffs, keyhole standoffs, broaching standoffs, spring pins, assembly screws, blind rivet...
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Linan Huaxing Fastener Co., Ltd.
produced International Standard (GB), American Standard (ANSI), Tak Standard (DIN) and other special non-standard fasteners, hot-forged fasteners nuts: U.S. IFID-6 hexagonal nut, IFID-12 hexagonal nu...
Country:China Tel: 0086-18958143208
China enterprlses co.,ltd.
Rivet nut, lighting thin nut, acorn nut, wing nut, T-nut, swivel nut, and special nuts. Rivet nuts are in stock with cheap price and stable quality!...
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Wuxi Fly Hardware & Electric Co., Ltd
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Shangyu Zhongbaotai Metals Co., Ltd.
The business scope mainly involves materials, processing, equipment and spare parts. Our main raw materials products include titanium rod, titanium tube, titanium plate, nickel rod, nickel tu...
Country: Tel: 0086-13819580328,0086...
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