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Shanghai Changying Industrial Co., Ltd.
The main products are: 12.9 grade high strength SCM435 alloy steel screw series, stainless steel series, the six hexagon head bolts, six screws, machine screws, six angle flange bolts, six horns, six ...
Country: Tel: 021-63818147
Dongguan Dongcheng JINJIA Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Screws, rivets, hardware, stainless steel screws, precision screws, spring, machine parts, hardware stationery, clocks & watches, calculators, PCB(printed circuit board) E-mail: ...
Country:China Tel: 86-769-22694759
Hitake Seimitsu Hardware Products Co.,Ltd
Professional production of miniature screws, special thin screws, M0.8-4MM...
Country: Tel: 0755-27993355-101
Zhongshan Weida Hardware Products Co., Ltd
Main production areas: computers, electronics, toys, high-precision screw shafts, lathe, springs, gaskets and other fasteners....
Country:Macau Tel: 86-760-86603228
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