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Dongguan Litian Hardware&Electrical Co., Ltd.
Country: Tel:
Wenzhou Lituo Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Non - standard, non - standard stainless steel, non - standard nut, non - standard screw, lock point, resonant rod, lamp accessories, lamp accessories, crystal basket, lamp socket joint, lamp nut, nut...
Country: Tel: 15057358955
Wenzhou Qianglong Hardware Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Pressure rivet nuts, K type nut (K cap), seizing nut, four claws nut, rivet nuts, nylon cover mother, the four winds welding nut, hex welding nut, iron stamping butterfly mother, cold heading wing nut...
Country: Tel: 86-577-86502377
Shijiazhuang Eternal Technology Co., Ltd
Clinching nuts, rivet stud pressure riveting screws, cage nuts, rose riveting nut, pull rivet nuts, crown screws, wire thread insert, Accuride rails, rivet nut installation tools, manual pull rivet nu...
Country: Tel: 0311-89275219 ,0311-8...
Shanghai Delon Special Rivet Manufacture Co., Ltd
Delon Fasteners are widely applied in decoration, maintenance, electric metter; container; vehicle, vessel, appliance, suitcase and etc. Its main products are series of blind rivets, including Alumini...
Country:china Tel: None
Sailuk Rivet Co., Ltd.
Open End Blind Rivet, Closed End Blind Rivet, Multi-grip Rivet, grooved type, Peel Type Blind Rivet, Plastic Rivet and drive rivet, Colored rivet , steel rivet, aluminium rivet, stainless steel rivet,...
Country:China Tel: 18029293080
Dongguan kaiyang Hardware & Machine Co., Ltd.
Furniture hardware fittings, Light hardware fittings, Bicycle part and accessories, K-lock nut, Nylon lock nut, conical nut, micro hex nut and customized non-standard fasteners. Material includes:carb...
Country:China Tel: +86-13416787909
Dongguan Grand Metal Manufactory
Self-clinching Nuts: Self-clinching nuts, Self-clinching standoff, Self-clinching studs, Kalei Nuts, Rivet Bush, Welding Fastners, Brass Inserts, Male-Female standoff, Self-clinching locknuts, Self...
Country:P.R. China Tel: 0086-769-85161020
Supply all kinds of standard and non-standard washer,like Flat washer,Spring washer, Square washer, ,hardened steelwasher and Cup washer, Wave washer etc. The materials are like Carbon steel, Stainl...
Country:CHINA Tel: 086-022-23788780,1382...
Jiangxi Shengnan Hardware Co. , Ltd.
Set screws(hex socket, cross recessed, slotted), GB, DIN, ANSI, ISO, etc....
Country:China Tel:
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