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Haiyan Huayu Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
M3-M30 variety of nuts. Chinese GB52 standard, GB6170 high-strength nuts, galvanized nuts, black nuts, flange nuts, weld nuts, brass nut, nut standard steam, the international ISO standard, DIN standa...
Country: Tel: +86 0573-86815261
Dongguan Litian Hardware&Electrical Co., Ltd.
Country: Tel:
Wenzhou Qianglong Hardware Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Pressure rivet nuts, K type nut (K cap), seizing nut, four claws nut, rivet nuts, nylon cover mother, the four winds welding nut, hex welding nut, iron stamping butterfly mother, cold heading wing nut...
Country: Tel: 86-577-86502377
Shijiazhuang Eternal Technology Co., Ltd
Clinching nuts, rivet stud pressure riveting screws, cage nuts, rose riveting nut, pull rivet nuts, crown screws, wire thread insert, Accuride rails, rivet nut installation tools, manual pull rivet nu...
Country: Tel: 0311-89275219 ,0311-8...
Pinghu City Kangyuan Metal Product Co., Ltd.
lock nuts, flange nuts, nylon nuts, hex nuts, square weld nuts, plastic washers, rubber washers, various round nuts, non-standard nuts and so on. ...
Country: Tel: +86 13626767989
Our products include Hex Head Cap Screws & Bolts, Round Head Square Neck Bolts, Nuts, Hexagon Socket Cap Screws, Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, Rivets & Pins, Threaded Rods and Studs, Washers and Rin...
Country:China Tel:
Dongguan King Tower Hardware Co., Ltd.
Screws, self-tapping screws, axle, lock screws, automotive turning parts, screw drivers, toy axles, machine screws, machining, aluminum screws, stainless steel screws, brass screws, security screws, e...
Country:China Tel: 86-769-81022811
Jiang Xi Gaodun fastener manufacturing co., LTD
Company main produced fiber nail , dry wall screw, hexagonal socket nut,all kinds of material and head type of machine ,self tapping screw ...
Country: Tel: 0793-6726999;13609010...
Wenzhou Shengchuang Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.
Country: Tel:
Sanmen Yangtze River Fastener Factory
brass rivets, iron rivets, aluminum rivets; brass semi-tubular rivets, iron semi-tubular rivets, aluminum semi-tubular rivets; brass solid rivets, iron solid rivets, aluminum solid rivets; clutch rive...
Country: Tel: 0086-0576-83117922,13...
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