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    Ma Jianping
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Supply Washer

Supply all kinds of standard and non-standard washer,like Flat washer,Spring washer, Square and taper washer, Lock washer ,High strength washer and Cup washer, Wave washer etc. The materials are like Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminium, Electrical insulating fibre, EPDM etc.
Flatwasher:DIN125,DIN126,DIN433,DIN440,DIN1052,DIN1440,DIN1441,DIN6340,DIN6916,DIN7349,DIN7989,DIN9021,BS3410,BS4320,NFE25513,NFE25514,F436,ANSI/ASME B18,USS,SAE,FENDER etc.
Springwasher:DIN127,DIN128,DIN137A,DIN137B,DIN6796,DIN7980,DIN9250,NFE25511,NFE25515,ASME18-21-1,BS1802,JISB1251 etc.
Square and taper washer:
DIN434,DIN435,DIN436,DIN798,DIN6917,DIN6918 etc.
Lock washer:
DIN6797,DIN6798 etc
Cup washer, wave washer, Insulated washer etc.